230528 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Unlock My World

Video Teasers

230522 – Unlock My World #imagine Mood Film

230525 – Unlock My World #notyet Mood Film

Photo Teasers & Short Clips

Unlock My World #imagine Official Teasers

Source:fromis_9’s Weverse

Unlock My World #notyet Official Teasers

Source:fromis_9’s Weverse|Album Direct Link

Album Packaging

230525 – Unlock My World Album Packaging Details (Regular, AiR-KiT and Compact Ver.)


Where to Pre-order?

Weverse Shop

Ktown4u (40% OFF, courtesy of @fromispedia)

Mwave Signed Album


230522 – Pledis Entertainment Announces ‘Unlock My World’ Showcase

Pledis Entertainment announced a showcase for fromis_9’s 1st Album, Unlock My World, will be held on the day of the album release both in-person and online.

  • Date: June 5, 2023 (Monday) 8 PM KST
  • Location: YES24 LIVE HALL
  • The showcase will be broadcast live on the ‘HYBE LABELS’ YouTube channel and fromis_9’s Weverse

To those looking to attend the showcase, more details can be found on fromis_9’s Weverse.



Main Twitter Updates of the Week


Today too, perfect MC Saerom🎤💕
Let’s end May together with Saerom, flover ☘️

#LeeSaerom #Saerom


Weverse Artist Updates

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Weverse Lives

230524 – Can’t Sleep? (Jisun)

230526 – 🤔 (Jisun)|Source

Weverse Membership Posts

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230523 – Saerom Post

230523 – Seoyeon Live

230523 – Chaeyoung Post

230523 – Chaeyoung Voice Live – Part 1|Part 2

230524 – Jiwon Post

230524 – Jiwon Moment

230527 – Saerom Post



230525 – let me Know K-POP Ep. 5 [Lemino]

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English Subtitles Now Available

Jang Gyuri Updates


Source:Gyuri’s Instagram


Photos & Short Clips

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

230529 – Unlock My World Concept Trailer – 9 PM KST

230531 – Unlock My World Highlight Medley – 9 PM KST


230601 – Saerom – let me Know K-POP! Ep. 6 – 12 PM JST

230603 – Unlock My World Official Teaser – 9 PM KST

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