230205 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[🍀flover EVENT] fromis_9 Official Light Stick Decoration Event Announcement



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230130 – Surprise Live with Dreamcatcher, fromis_9 and Kwon Eunbi [Weekly Idol]

No English subtitles available

230203 – Valentine’s Day Special Episode Preview [Weekly Idol]

No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

230121 – Can I Get a Refund? I Want Something a Little Spicier [Good Luck 🍀]

230124 – fromis_9 5th Anniversary flover day 🎂

Jang Gyuri Updates


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Photos & Short Clips

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230201 – Unfailing Moisturizing Technology [Bioderma Korea]

No English subtitles available

230201 – Moisturizing Instructions Wipe Ver. [Bioderma Korea]

230201 – Moisturizing Instructions Pack Ver. [Bioderma Korea]

230201 – Moisturizing Instructions Tap Ver. [Bioderma Korea]

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