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221217 – ‘Stay This Way’ 2022 KBS Song Festival Choreography Video


221215 – fromis_9’s Autumn Night Final Broadcast Behind

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221217 – 2022 fromis_9 MOMENT: Original Content

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221211 – Jisun Voice Live

221213 – Hayoung Voice Live

221214 – Chaeyoung and Jiheon Live – Part 1|Part 2

221215 – Nagyung Voice Live

221216 – Jiheon Post

221217 – Jisun Post



221216 – 2022 KBS Song Festival Red Carpet [KBS Kpop]

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221216 – ‘Genuine’ (orig. Koyote) at 2022 KBS Song Festival [KBS WORLD TV]

221216 – ‘Stay This Way’ at 2022 KBS Song Festival [KBS WORLD TV]

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221216 – ‘No.1’ (orig. BoA) at 2022 KBS Song Festival [KBS WORLD TV]

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221216 – BUMZU Breaks Down His K-Pop Process & Creating Music With ‘An Unchanging Set of Values’

Article Excerpt:

An artist referring to songs they’ve worked on as their “babies” can be a somewhat cliché answer when describing their work—but few can speak so affectionately and vividly recall the tiniest details about the song like BUMZU. That attention is the tangible result of the Korean singer-songwriter-producer’s personal and positive approach to becoming one of K-pop’s most influential creatives.

Read on for some of BUMZU’s personal reflections on significant works from his career.

fromis_9, “Glass Shoes” (2017): It always cracks me up when I think back on this song. In my life, it was one of the three most fun lyrical processes I ever participated in. I was so full of ideas that some of them were like going to Mars and back, I had to trim it down and make it neat. We were trying to get a cherished feeling across to the audience. We were also trying to fit the Cinderella story into fromis_9 and because of that, I was using words like “binggeureu binggeureu,” which is spinning around, and that kind of stuff. As I was working, I would just be laying on the sofa, write my lyrics and I’d just crack up by myself. That’s definitely one of my most fun works.

If you were to ask me to do a girl group now, I might probably not be so willing at this point in my career. And that’s not forever, like an ultimatum. If a great opportunity pops up, I’d be willing to do it and hop on. But for now, with everything that’s going on with me and my projects like SEVENTEEN, I want to focus more on what I already have on my shoulders.

It’s not like I hate girl groups! If I get the chance later in time, I’ll do it but just right now, I got so many things to focus on. And one thing about my songs are that I don’t really use “he,” “she,” “her” pronouns very much. I focus on lyrics, the message or the point that we’re trying to get across in the song. Instead of worrying about, “Oh, because they’re a girl group, I have to do this thing and since they’re a boy group, I have to do this a certain way.” I don’t do that. I’m much more focused on, “Does this song fit this artist? Does this track fit with this lyric? Does the topline fit with this lyric?” That’s really what I’m worried about, not the gender of the groups.


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221209 – Hayoung Vlog – Japan Schedule🤩, Harajuku🍜, Puppies🐶 [9_log]

Jang Gyuri Updates


221214 – Jang Gyuri Shares Honest Feelings About Her First Major Television Role In “Cheer Up,” Reason For Leaving fromis_9, And More

Translations bySoompiandfiq:

“Cheer Up” star Jang Gyuri has shared her honest feelings in a recent interview!

Jang Gyuri impressed viewers through her role as Tae Cho Hee, the vice-captain of the cheerleading squad Theia, in the SBS drama “Cheer Up,” which ended on a high note. After “Cheer Up” came to a close, Jang Gyuri participated in an interview and shared her thoughts on various topics.

To start with, Jang Gyuri expressed her gratitude by saying, “It would be a lie if I said that there was no pressure because it was my first drama after I decided to stand on my own feet as an actress, and it was also my first time taking on the lead role in a terrestrial television drama. However, I was able to put down some of that burden as I wasn’t the main character who leads the story. I learned a lot and received a lot of help while acting with my co-stars. Everyone around me helped me a lot.”

Regarding her departure from fromis_9, Jang Gyuri remarked, “Acting is a dream that was always in my heart. I think there are a lot of people who are wondering [why I decided to focus on acting]. I believe it’s because it’s a dream that I really want to do well at. Since the members are doing really well and we achieved many goals together, I have absolute faith in them. I thought now it would be the time for me to challenge my dream.”

“At the beginning of the filming of ‘Cheer Up,’ I juggled between the group’s scheduled activities and acting. I couldn’t concentrate physically and mentally, and I felt I was still not good enough to do both. It was especially very tiring physically. Later, I practiced [dancing] for the group’s album and the cheering squad together, but I couldn’t memorize the choreography. I thought it was too much for me to handle both, and I feel sorry and regretful thinking that I might have caused harm to the members. I was very sorry since I had to miss practice a lot and I couldn’t practice much.”

About her relationship with fromis_9, she shared, “I see them a lot at the salon, and they also contact me a lot saying that they’re watching me well. I still talk a whole lot with the members just like always. We talk way too much about our daily lives. Since I’m working in a different area than them, I’m busier talking about everyday life.”

“Recently, we talked about memorable food that we all ate together. The other day, the members took a picture of gwamegi and sent me a message saying, ‘we’re thinking about unnie a lot.’ One of the member’s aunt ran a gwamegi business so I always ate gwamegi at this time of the year. Since I wasn’t there, I guess they must’ve thought of me. I really loved gwamegi. When I woke up, I ate a whole gwamegi.” She said boasting of her strong friendship with fromis_9.

To finish the interview, the actress showed her enthusiasm for acting by saying, “There are so many things I want to try. I learned [action] for about two to three hours at an action school because there was a scene where I had to hit my [character’s] boyfriend in ‘Cheer Up,’ and it was so much fun to act while using my body. I thought I wanted to try action more properly. I am confident in using my body because I’ve been learning various things like figure skating, Korean dance, and ballet since I was little.”

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Source:Gyuri’s Instagram

Cheer Up

Streaming links for this week’s episodes:

221212 – Cheer Up Ep. 15 – Kocowa|Viki|Viu|Wavve

221213 – Cheer Up Ep. 16 (FINAL) – Kocowa|Viki|Viu|Wavve

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221212 – Cheer Up Tae Chohee & Jang Gyuri Moment [JUST WORLD]

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221213 – ‘THEIA – Together’ OST Recording Behind Pre-release [SBS Catch]

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221213 – Cheer Up OST Part.10 ‘THEIA – Together’ Recording Studio Making🎶 [SBS NOW]

221213 – JUST CAM | ‘Researcher’ Tae Chohee👩🏻‍🔬 [JUST WORLD]

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221215 – Cheer Up Episodes 15-16 Making [SBS Catch]

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221215 – Cheer Up Closing Speech [SBS Catch]

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221212 – Actress Jang Gyuri’s Favorite Items Revealed! [SINGLES KOREA]

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221214 – TOEIC Siwon School Workbook 📕 [Siwon School Lab]

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221220 – fromis_9 at ROK-US Alliance Concert – 6:30 PM KST

221224 – fromis_9 at SBS Music Festival – 7:30 PM KST

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