221204 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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221202 – Hayoung Vlog – Birthday🥳, Japan Date😻, Omotesando🐟, Pork Belly🥓


Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Baek A – First Love

Chaeyoung’s Comment:

Now I realize you… are my first love…

Jiwon’s Comment:

Heart fluttering


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Weverse Artist Updates

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221130 – <CHANNEL_9> EP49-50 Behind Photo Sketch

Weverse Lives

221204 – ❄️☃️❄️☃️ Part 1 | Part 2 (Chaeyoung)

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221129 – Seoyeon Post

221130 – Hayoung Post

221130 – Hayoung Live

221204 – Seoyeon Post

221204 – Jisun Post ft. Jiwon

221204 – Hayoung, Jiwon and Nagyung Live

221204 – Chaeyoung Voice Live – Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3

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221130 – This is the runway🪩

221130 – Runway behind🤣

221201 – I’m sorry you’re so cute🙏

221203 – #MagicTransition

221204 – nobody move🖐️



221128 – fromis_9’s Autumn Night Ep. 12 [Naver NOW]

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221202 – fromis_9 Relay Interview [Kstyle]

No English subtitles available.

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Jang Gyuri Updates


221130 – Gyuri to Sing “Cheer Up” OST



221129 – Jang Gyuri On Saying Goodbye To “Cheer Up,” Her Goals As An Actress, And More [Singles]

Soompi Translation:

In a recent interview and pictorial for Singles magazine, Jang Gyuri talked about her drama “Cheer Up” and her hopes for the future!

The former fromis_9 member is currently starring in SBS’s “Cheer Up” as Tae Cho Hee, the cool and feisty vice-captain of her college’s cheer squad.

When asked how she felt now that filming for the drama had wrapped, Jang Gyuri confessed that she still couldn’t believe it was really over.

“In order for me to feel bittersweet [about the drama coming to an end], it needs to sink in that it’s over,” she explained, “but for me, it still doesn’t feel real that filming has ended.”

Jang Gyuri also expressed fondness for her character in the drama, noting, “Cho Hee is similar to me in a lot of ways. I think that’s why I was the most comfortable while acting.”

As for what kinds of roles she’d like to attempt next, Jang Gyuri remarked, “I want to try taking on a role that’s entirely different from anything I’ve done up until now.”

She humbly went on to add, “I want to become an actress with a broad spectrum. I still have a long way to go in order to achieve that.”

Jang Gyuri’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the December issue of Singles magazine.


Cheer Up

Streaming links for this week’s episode:

221129 – Cheer Up Ep. 12 – Kocowa|Viki|Viu|Wavve

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221130 – Cheer Up Episode 12 Making [SBS Catch]

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Photos & Short Clips

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

221205 – Naver NOW fromis_9 Autumn Night Ep.13 (FINAL) – 10 PM KST

221205 – Gyuri – SBS Cheer Up Ep.13 – 10 PM KST

221206 – Gyuri – SBS Cheer Up Ep.14 – 10 PM KST

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