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221003 – fromis_9 promises happy ending in first concert ‘Love From.’ [The Korea Herald]

Article Excerpt:

It was a long and rough path for fromis_9 on its way to its first exclusive concert, with the band changing its agency once and losing a member in the meantime. But for fans, the three-night show proved the wait was more than worth it.

K-pop girl group fromis_9 on Friday kicked off its first stand-alone concert series “Love From.” at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, western Seoul, and continued the show over the weekend.

The hall took on a special hue the second night on Saturday, as fans gathered in all pink everything, from hats to masks, to match the dress code of the night. The excitement hiked up fast as the logo of “Love From.” appeared on the display at the front and lights dimmed inside the venue as the clock ticked to 6 p.m.

“It was our first concert yesterday, and we realized how fun a concert is. I couldn’t wait for tonight. We were rejoiced to see our fans being happy at the show that we’d prepared so hard for,” Ji-won said.

Ji-sun added, “As the title ‘Love From.’ shows, we’ve prepared a time to deliver our hearts for flover,” referring to the group’s official fandom.

Performing 22 songs over 2 1/2 hours, fromis_9 took fans on a walk down memory lane of the past nearly five years since the group’s debut in January 2018.

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Official YouTube


221006 – CHANNEL_9 EP44. from Village’s Secret, The Real Culprit Is You Part.2🫵


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


Thank you for attending fromis_9 first solo concert in Japan💝
Thank you for all the fan letters as well💌
flover and fromis_9 are together forever ☘️🍀

#fromis_9 #LOVE_FROM

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram

Individual Instagram


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Weverse Artist Updates

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Weverse Post Highlights

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Weverse Special Posts

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221003 – Jiheon Post

221003 – fromis_9 2022 concert 📷 Thank You flover💖 Media Post

221004 – Seoyeon Post

221005 – Hayoung Post

221006 – Jiwon Post

221007 – Group Live

221008 – Nagyung Post

221009 – 🎉🎁Happy Birthday to October flover🍰🎈 Media Post

221009 – Jiwon, Chaeyoung and Jiheon Live



221004 – Jeong Dongwon X Park Jiwon ‘Love Actually’ Recording Studio Behind [ShowPLAY Entertainment]

221003 – fromis_9’s Autumn Night Ep. 5 [Naver NOW]

Click image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.

221004 – Idol Drawing Contest Ep. 3 [SBS M]

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Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Jang Gyuri Updates


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Cheer Up

Streaming links for this week’s episodes:

221003 – Cheer Up Ep. 1 – Kocowa|Viki|Viu|Wavve

221004 – Cheer Up Ep. 2 – Kocowa|Viki|Viu|Wavve

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221005 – Cheer Up Episode 1 Making [SBS Catch]

221006 – ‘Cheer Up’ Poster Shooting🎥 [JUST WORLD]

221007 – Cheer Up Episode 2 Making [SBS Catch]

221007 – Cheer Up Stars Interview Each Other [SBS NOW]


Photos & Short Clips

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221003 – Jang Gyuri Snapshot MAKING FILM📽 [JUST WORLD]

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

221010 – fromis_9 @ CDTV (Japan Music Show) – 9 PM JST

221010 – Naver NOW fromis_9 Autumn Night Ep.6 – 10 PM KST

221010 – Gyuri – SBS Cheer Up Ep.3 – 10 PM KST

221011 – Gyuri – SBS Cheer Up Ep.4 – 10 PM KST

221013 – CHANNEL_9 EP.45 – 9 PM KST

221015 – KCON Japan Day 2

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