220828 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


220826 – fromis_9 Announces Their First Concert

PLEDIS Entertainment announced this Friday that fromis_9 will be holding their first concert, “LOVE FROM.”, in Korea and Japan.

In Korea, the concert will be held at KBS Arena on September 30, October 1 and October 2.
In Japan, the concert will be held at Tachikawa Stage Garden on October 7.

For more information, check the official notices by PLEDIS Entertainment: Korea Concert | Japan Concert

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220827 – Information Related to Roh Jisun’s Schedules

Translated Summary:

Due to feeling ill, Roh Jisun will not take part in the online fansign event scheduled for this Saturday, August 27.

For those affected by the schedule change, a new event will be held with Jisun at a later date.

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Official YouTube


220825 – CHANNEL_9 EP.38 Golden Losers’ Escaping 0 Wins🔥 Part.2


220823 – ‘Stay This Way’ Promotions Behind Part.1

220826 – ‘Stay This Way’ Promotions Behind Part.2


Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram


Thank you so much for today, flover. It was a happy day thanks to you☘️💚

#Seoyeon #2022HDA #HeartDreamAwards #WhileTheCarWasParked

Jiheon’s Comment:

So prettyyy

Seoyeon’s Reply:



I’m happy every day thanks to flovers’ love💜💕💛
Thank you, I love you so much!!!
#Jiwon #2022HDA #HeartDreamAwards #2022_K_GLOBAL_HEART_DREAM_AWARDS

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Official TikTok

220824 – Deedaree Deedaree Tang✨

220826 – Oh babe😘

220828 – Thank you flover☘️



220822 – fromis_9’s Summer Night Ep. 8 [Naver NOW]

No English subtitles available

220824 – Idol K-Goods Tour Paradao Ep. 8 [The K-pop]

220825 – K GLOBAL HEART DREAM AWARDS 2022 fromis_9 Cut

No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

220821 – ‘Stay This Way’ Recording Behind

Jang Gyuri Updates


Photos & Short Clips

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220824 – Cheer Up Script Reading [SBS Catch]

No English subtitles available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220828 – Naver NOW fromis_9’s Summer Night Ep. 9 (Final) – 10 PM KST

220901 – CHANNEL_9 EP.39 – 9 PM KST

220902 – Dongseo University 30th Anniversary Festival – TBA

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