220710 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

This weekly recap is divided into three pages.

from our Memento Box

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Music Shows

220705 – ‘Rewind’ on The Show

220705 – ‘Stay This Way’ on The Show

View Stage Photos Here: One|Two

220705 – ‘Stay This Way’ 1st Win on The Show

Watch fromis_9 Playing Games on The Show Here
Watch Chaeyoung and Jiheon on The Show’s VCR Here
Watch the Full Encore Here

220706 – ‘Rewind’ on Show Champion

Watch the Full Group Fancam Here

220706 – ‘Stay This Way’ on Show Champion

Watch Fancams Here
View Stage Photos Here
Watch fromis_9’s Interview on Show Champion Here

220706 – ‘Stay This Way’ 2nd Win on Show Champion

Watch the Full Encore Here: KR|ENG

220707 – ‘Stay This Way’ on M Countdown

Watch Fancams Here

220707 – ‘Stay This Way’ 3rd Win on M Countdown

Watch Full Encore Here

220708 – ‘Stay This Way’ on Music Bank

220708 – ‘Stay This Way’ 4th Win on Music Bank

220709 – ‘Stay This Way’ 5th Win on Music Core

Note: fromis_9 didn’t attend Music Core.

220710 – ‘Stay This Way’ on Inkigayo

Music Show Official Photos

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Newly Released Videos from Previous Weeks:
Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks:
220630 M Countdown
220703 Inkigayo

Official YouTube

Official Videos

220704 – ‘from our Memento Box’ 5-Second Interview

220709 – ‘Stay This Way’ Performance Video


220708 – ‘from our Memento Box’ Jacket Shooting Behind Part.1

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