220703 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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Music Video

220627 – ‘Stay This Way’ Official MV

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Music Shows

220630 – ‘Stay This Way’ Comeback Stage on M Countdown

Watch Fancams Here
Watch M Countdown Interview Here

220701 – ‘Stay This Way’ on Music Bank

220703 – ‘Stay This Way’ on Inkigayo

Music Show Official Photos

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220630 – fromis_9 to Host Their Own Naver NOW Show

After multiple appearances on Naver NOW shows over the last two years, fromis_9 will host their own starting next week.

‘fromis_9’s Summer Night’ will air every Monday on a viewable radio format and streaming will be available through Naver NOW’s website and mobile app. The structure of the show or how long it will stay on Naver NOW’s catalogue is still unknown.

The first episode of ‘fromis_9’s Summer Night’ will air next Monday, July 4, at 10 PM KST.

Sources: 1|2

Official YouTube

CHANNEL_9 Spin-Off

220629 – #from_our_Memento_Box Part.2

Official Videos

220628 – ‘Stay This Way’ Fanchant

220628 – What’s in my carrier✈️🏝🧳

220702 – ‘Stay This Way’ Choreography Video


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Jisun] Studio Choom is ooout🤍🌊


[#Jiheon] Hayoung unnie🎵

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Weverse Artist Updates

Source: fromis_9’s Weverse

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Weverse Magazine Articles

220628 – fromis_9 have kept their promise

220630 – The university life of Baek Jiheon, age 19

Weverse Special Posts

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220630 – Jiheon Post

220701 – Saerom Post

220703 – Nagyung Post


220628 – Stay This Way

Saerom, Gyuri, Jisun and Nagyung V LIVE ft. Jiheon’s phone call |Direct Link(With English Subtitles)

220702 – fromis_9 Comeback Live ‘Stay This Summer’

fromis_9 V LIVE |Direct Link



220629 – Weekly Idol Ep. 568 [MBC]

View Weekly Idol Behind Photos Here

220629 – Weekly Idol Ep. 568 Youtube Clips [ALL THE K-POP]

Embedded is a playlist with various clips and fancams from Weekly Idol

220629 – D&E Show [Naver NOW]

No English Subtitles available

220629 – fromis_9 Listening Party [Stationhead]

No English Subtitles available

220629 – HIT Village Teaser [M2]

220630 – Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon [MBC Radio]

No English Subtitles available

220630 – Idol K-Goods Tour Paradao Teaser [The K-POP]

220630 – Good Life Plan Epilogue [GS25]

No English Subtitles available

200701 – IDOL’s Snack Spree🛒 Ep. 17 [KBS Kpop]

No English Subtitles available

220701 – The Silence of Idol Teaser [MUPLY]

220702 – The Silence of Idol [MUPLY]

No English Subtitles available

220703 – The Silence of Idol ‘Stay This Way’ Pajama Fancam [MUPLY]

220703 – The Silence of Idol Sweet Dreams Cam [MUPLY]

220701 – BTOB’s Kiss The Radio [KBS CoolFM]

No English Subtitles available

220701 – BTOB’s Kiss The Radio Aegyo Replay [KBS CoolFM]

No English Subtitles available


220628 – Lee Mujin Service Ep. 19 | DM, You already have, Grown Ups, Time Lapse [KBS Kpop]

220628 – ‘Feel My Rhythm’ (orig. Red Velvet) Facecams [Music Bank]

Click here to watch Nagyung’s Facecam
Click here to watch Chaeyoung’s Facecam

220629 – ‘Stay This Way’ [STUDIO CHOOM]

Watch Fancams Here

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

220622 – [9_log] Jisun Vlog – Flower Arrangement Class, Healing, Jeju’s Night 💐🌃

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