220612 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

from our Memento Box

Album Announcement

Video Teasers

220608 – from our Memento Box Concept Trailer

Photo Teasers & Short Clips

from our Memento Box Official Photos

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Other Teasers

Note: Jiheon took part in writing the lyrics for “Up And”.

Album Packaging

220607 – from our Memento Box Album Packaging Preview

Source: fromis_9’s Weverse

Where to Pre-order?

Weverse Shop

Mwave (Signed)

KTOWN4U (40% OFF, courtesy of @allthingsfromis)


220606 – Weverse Has Taken Legal Action Against Malicious Posts

“Hello, this is fromis_9 Weverse.

We would like to inform you that Weverse has been taking action against malicious posts that recently appeared on fromis_9 community which insulted, sexually harassed and slandered members of fromis_9 community.

Technical and legal actions are being taken against the malicious posts as well as the posters.

Please read on for more details.

Weverse has banned and will continue to ban the malicious posters, block their domain and will be monitoring fromis_9 community more closely in response to the malicious posts.

Weverse will also additionally introduce stronger banned word filters as well as inappropriate image processing system to fromis_9 community. 

We intend to continuously develop and enhance these related systems to improve your experience.

In addition, the artists’ agency will be taking legal action and Weverse will be actively cooperating. 

The agency plans to file complaints against the malicious posters for violation of the artists’ rights based on the evidence we have collected.

We apologize once again to the fans and members of fromis_9 community for the distress caused by the malicious posts, and we are deeply grateful for your combined efforts in reporting the posts that violate the community guidelines.

Thank you for your active participation! 

Weverse will continue to do our best to provide an enjoyable and safe community for everyone.

Thank you.”


220609 – Pledis Entertainment Announces ‘from our Memento Box’ Showcase

Pledis Entertainment announced a showcase for fromis_9’s 5th Mini Album, from our Memento Box, will be held on the day of the album release both offline and online.

  • Date: June 27, 2022 (Monday) 8 PM KST
  • Location: Blue Square Master Card Hall
  • The showcase will be broadcast live on the ‘HYBE LABELS’ YouTube channel

To those looking to attend the showcase, more information will be released through fromis_9’s Weverse in the coming days.



Main Twitter Updates of the Week

Note: The “hashflags” of fromis_9’s logo are viewable exclusively on Twitter.


[📢#fromis_9] SHOWCASE FAN EVENT Announcement❣

Please send words that you want to say to fromis_9 or things that you are curious about the #from_our_Memento_Box album with the hashtag (#fromis_9_QNA) in 9 characters!

On the showcase day, fromis_9 will answer in 9 characters😘


Tweet Compilation of the Week

Sources: 1|2

Official Instagram

Individual Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Gyuri’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


220608 – Malatang is here

Hayoung, Seoyeon and Chaeyoung V LIVE ft. Jiwon |Direct Link

220608 – ❤️

Jiheon V LIVE |Direct Link

Click here to check this V LIVE’s POST



220607 – fromis_9 Gyuri Pick! Probiotics Cream [NEOGEN]

220607 – fromis_9 Seoyeon and Nagyung Pick! V.Biome Soothing & Firming Cream [NEOGEN]

220607 – NEOGEN X fromis_9 💜 Pictorial Shooting Behind #Interview Video!🎬 [NEOGEN]

220608 – fromis_9 Jiwon and Nagyung Pick! Slim Metal Mascara Pink [NEOGEN]

220608 – Kim Gura’s Latte9 Ep. 8 [Channel S]

Click the image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.

220609 – Good Life Plan Season 2 Ep. 8 [GS25]

English Subtitles Now Available

220530 – Jiwon, Seoyeon🎵 [V LIVE]

Jiwon and Seoyeon V LIVE |Direct Link

220604 – Are you worried about your scalp? I’ll take care of it 🙂 / Head Massage and Scalp Scaling [Jisun ASMR]

220605 – Boss in the Mirror Ep. 159 [KBS]

Click the image to watch the full episode.
Click here to watch Gyuri’s cut of the episode.

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220613 – from our Memento Box Dream Ver. Official Photo 1 – 9 PM KST

220614 – from our Memento Box Dream Ver. Official Photo 2 – 9 PM KST

220615 – from our Memento Box Dream Ver. Official Photo 3 – 9 PM KST

220616 – from our Memento Box Concept Film – 9 PM KST

220617 – from our Memento Box Memory Ver. Official Photo – 9 PM KST

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