220529 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


220523 – Pledis Entertainment Confirms fromis_9 Summer Comeback with Baek Jiheon

Soompi Excerpt:

“fromis_9 is set to make a summer comeback!

On May 23, industry representatives reported that fromis_9 is preparing to make a comeback in late June as a full group with Baek Jiheon, who went on hiatus in February. According to the sources, the group recently filmed their music video in Saipan.

In response to the reports, their agency Pledis Entertainment confirmed, ‘fromis_9 is making a comeback with a mini album in late June. They will promote as a full group with Baek Jiheon.’

The upcoming comeback will be fromis_9’s first comeback in five months since ‘Midnight Guest’ in January.”

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Official YouTube


220529 – Channel_9 EP.34 Chaenged Fates🔮 Part.2


220527 – fromis day Behind Part.1


220525 – fromisoda #48 ‘WE GO’ stage @ Kyunghee University Spring Festival


Main Twitter Updates of the Week

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Weverse Media Updates

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220526 – Jiheon Post

220526 – Jisun Post

220528 – Jiwon Post

220529 – Seoyeon Post

220529 – Jisun Post

Official TikTok

220523 – 👆👇👆👇👆🎵

220525 – It’s good to listen to again and again

220527 – Ring Ring💍



220524 – Kyung Hee University Spring Festival 2022 ‘MASTERPEACE : Re,Play’ [KHUPlay]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

220513 – Friday V LIVE

Jisun V LIVE ft. Jiwon |Direct Link

220514 – Chaeng’s Birthday🐿️🎂 V LIVE

Chaeyoung V LIVE |Direct Link

220516 – Heon-y Fragrance Making 🌹 V LIVE

Jiheon V LIVE |Direct Link

220517 – Voice Only HaKko V LIVE

Hayoung and Nagyung voice only V LIVE |Direct Link

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220531 – Kumoh National Institute of Technology Campus Festival – 8 PM KST


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