220424 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


220418 – Update on Jiheon’s Participation in Future Schedules

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide you with the following information regarding the future schedule of fromis_9 member Baek Ji-heon.

Baek Ji-heon has been focusing on resting and recovering health without taking part in the schedule since February this year, as per medical advice.

Her health and condition in general have improved recently. The medical opinion from the follow-up consultation is that she is now able to partially join the schedule of fromis_9. In this regard, Ji-heon will resume her activities in part, starting with 2022 fromis_9 1st fan meeting fromis day, scheduled on April 22.

Although the artist herself has shown a strong will to participate in all activities going forward, we have decided to arrange her schedule with plenty of flexibility as we place our highest priority on the health of our artists. We ask for your kind understanding from all our fans.

We will continue to provide full support for our artists’ health and safety. Once again, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and love for fromis_9.

Thank you.”


220420 – All Tickets for fromis_9’s First Fanmeeting Sold Out Within a Minute

Translated Excerpt:

fromis_9 showed off their powerful ticketing power.

fromis_9’s first fanmeeting, ‘fromis day’, which will be held for three days from April 22 to 24, sold out all seats at the same time as the general sale opened on the 19th.

As ‘fromis day’ is fromis_9’s first official fanmeeting since their debut, the news of the event alone received high attention. It ranked at the top of both the daily and weekly ranking on Interpark, confirming the popularity of fromis_9.

The fanmeeting will be held offline for three days. Special stages encompassing fromis_9’s wide music spectrum and various corners are scheduled.


220421 – fromis_9 Jang Gyuri Confirmed for New SBS Drama “Cheer Up”

Excerpt from Soompi:

Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, fromis_9’s Jang Gyuri, Lee Eun Saem, and Yang Dong Geun will be starring in SBS’s upcoming drama “Cheer Up” (literal title)!

“Cheer Up” is a campus mystery rom-com about the passionate story of youth who gather together at a college cheering squad (Theia) that is falling into ruins after leaving behind its glorious past days. The drama will be helmed by director Han Tae Seob who co-produced “Stove League” and written by scriptwriter Cha Hae Won of “VIP.”

Jang Gyuri will be playing Theia’s vice-captain Tae Cho Hee. She’s a cool and feisty character who is popular with both men and women. Tae Cho Hee works to balance out Park Jung Woo (Bae In Hyuk) with her advice as a result-oriented person.

The production team shared, “We are happy and excited for the gathering of Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, Jang Gyuri, Lee Eun Saem, and Yang Dong Geun who have extraordinary acting skills and unique charms. Please look very forward to the campus mystery rom-com that will take aim at viewers’ hearts in the second half of 2022.”

“Cheer Up” will premiere in the second half of 2022.


Official YouTube


220421 – CHANNEL_9 EP.29 2022 fromis’ Byeoljubujeon🐇🐢 Part.1

Note: Byeoljubujeon is an old Korean tale that features a rabbit and a turtle. Its English title is “The Rabbit’s Liver”.


220418 – [Saerom Vlog] Pottery Workshop, One Day Class, Oil Burner, Vase 🪔


220419 – Tainan World KPOP Online Concert Behind


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Seoyeon] The weather is so nice! Today too, I hope you’ll have a good day🙂💕


God Life is Re.al
#GodLifePlanning Season 2 new employee Jisun🌼
Let’s make a new list together and live a new life❤️‍🔥

#RohJisun #Jisun


2022 <fromis day> Day1
That day has finally come
A calendar full of stars and circles☘️

#fromis_9 #fromis_day


2022 <fromis day> Day2
When our precious hearts are felt by you
Then it’ll reach you Heart to Heart☘️

#fromis_9 #fromis_day


2022 <fromis day> Day3
See you soon flover☘️

#fromis_9 #fromis_day


2022 <fromis day> Day3
I won’t forget this time we’re connected☘️
I promise you, and keep it precious, our bond will always be with us
Let’s be together forever❤️

#fromis_9 #fromis_day

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Seoyeon’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


Source: Nagyung’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram


220418 – I’m Here

Chaeyoung V LIVE (English subtitles now available) |Direct Link

Click here to check this V LIVE’s POST

220424 – fromis day❤️

fromis_9 V LIVE |Direct Link

Official TikTok

220418 – My name is 🙋‍♀️

220420 – Rock star🤟 and Guitar🎸

220421 – 💝 L O V E 💝



220421 – Stay Alive (Crazy Love OST) LIVE CLIP | LI:V ON [VLENDING]

220421 – God Life Planning Season 2 Ep. 1 [GS25]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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I’ve been with fromis_9 for 3 days for their first fanmeeting🍀 Today, on the last day, we were able to hear flover cheering, so I was excited too and had a fun time~! I hope your love last forever💌
#fromis_9 #flover #fromisDay

Jisun’s Comment|Translation:

jaejae…. Thank you so much for these 3 days…🖤

JaeJae’s Reply|Translation:

Zsun… Congratulations🌹 Keep the happy memories and rest well🍀

Chaeyoung’s Comment:

ZeZe, you’ve worked so hard. The cake was really delicious..👍💕

JaeJae’s Reply:

I’m glad~! Let’s eat and be healthy, cup collector🥛

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220428 – Jisun – God Life Planning Season 2 Ep. 2 – 6 PM KST

220428 – CHANNEL_9 EP.30 – 9 PM KST

220430 – Hayoung – MBC FM4U GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend – 8 PM KST

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