220206 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Midnight Guest

Music Shows

Newly Released Fancams from Previous Weeks

Embedded is a playlist with Music Bank and Inkigayo Fancams

220125 The Show Behind

Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks:
– 220123 Inkigayo: Group|Saerom|Hayoung|Gyuri|Jiwon|Jisun|Seoyeon|Chaeyoung|Nagyung|Jiheon
220127 M Countdown


220204 – COVID-19 Diagnosis of fromis_9 Lee Seoyeon and Response Measures

This is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that fromis_9 member SEOYEON has been confirmed with COVID-19 and there will be changes to fromis_9’s schedule.

SEOYEON visited a hospital on the evening of Thursday, February 3 after experiencing fatigue and itchy throat and was tested positive for COVID-19 on the rapid antigen test. She moved to a screening center to undergo a PCR test and was confirmed of COVID-19 on the morning of Friday, February 4. She is exhibiting symptoms no other than itchy throat and mild dizziness and currently waiting for treatment guidelines from the health authorities.

All fromis_9 members other than SEOYEON tested negative on the rapid antigen test on Thursday, February 3 and are showing no symptoms. The members have entered into preemptive self-quarantine and are currently waiting for additional instructions and information from the health center such as close contacts and additional PCR testings.

As a result, fromis_9 will postpone some of the fourth mini album related activities, including KBS Music Bank scheduled to appear today, fromis_9 4th Mini Album [Midnight Guest] fan signing events slated to take place today and the following dates: Music Plant on Feb 4, Joeun Music on Feb 5, BEATROAD on Feb 6, Shopee on Feb 10, 一直娱 on Feb 12. We will provide you with an update on the activities resumption and the schedules.

We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our artists and we will do everything we can to aid SEOYEON’s recovery so she can meet her fans well and healthy. We will also continue to fully comply with the requests and guidelines from health authorities.

Thank you.”



220203 – Baek Jiheon’s Perfect Start [ELLE Korea]


Official YouTube


220203 – ‘Hush Hush’ Recording Behind

220204 – ‘Midnight Guest’ Jacket Shooting Behind Part .1

FM_1.24 Special

220201 – What Are You Doing Right Now, Do You Want to Get Your Tarot Cards Read?


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


Strong at mala-flavor honest talk 🔥 Our girlfriend girlfriend #Jiwon
Fighting until we get on the big car 🤣

#Midnight_Guest #fromis_9_DM #Gurachul

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram


flover, did you spend the holidays well? The weather is really cold today so dress warmly, eat something warm and have a happy day 🦊☀️🌈

Individual Instagram


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Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


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Weverse Media Updates

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Weverse Post Highlights

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Official TikTok

220131 – #DMchallenge recreating M/V with Hanbok

220202 – #DMchallenge Gyuri tossing DM balloons 🎈

220205 – #DMchallenge Now it’s DM transition time 🌌

Other TikTok Appearances

220203 – #Restore_Challenge via astro_official

220203 – fromis_9 “DM” Unreleased Fancams via itslive_official



220125 – Idol Workshop Ep.3 [U+Idol Live]

Click image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.
Click here for an alternative link

220128 – Idol Workshop Ep.4 [U+Idol Live]

Click image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.
Click here for an alternative link

220131 – Studio MoonNight [Naver NOW]

No English subtitles available

220201 – Daily Life of a SOPA Student (Reels Challenge Behind)💛 [Heebin]

220201 – “Happy New Year🐯” K-POP Stars’ 2022 Seollal Message [Mnet K-POP]

220203 – ‘DM’ Band LIVE Version [It’s Live]

220203 – MBC FM4U Kim Shinyoung’s Hope Song at Noon [MBC Radio]

No English subtitles available

220203 – 💗 The Bigger The Better Cam 💗 (Gyuri) 🍊 [MBC Radio]

220203 – War In The Waiting Room 🧨 Cute…Lovely… [Fact iN Star]

Click image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.

220203 – Show Champion Arcade [ALL THE K-POP]

No English subtitles available

220204 – We Brought Out Idols Who Will Shine in 2022 [Gurachul]

220204 – Mama the Idol fromis_9 Cut [tvN]

Click image to be redirected to the video. No English subtitles available.

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

220117 – Midnight Guest Showcase

220128 – 2nd Week of DM ☘️ V LIVE

fromis_9 V LIVE |Direct Link

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