220123 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Midnight Guest

Music Video

220117 – ‘DM’ Official MV

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220117 – fromis_9 4th Mini Album Midnight Guest SHOWCASE

Music Shows

220119 – ‘DM’ Comeback Stage on Show Champion

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220119 – ‘Escape Room’ Comeback Stage on Show Champion

220120 – ‘DM’ on M Countdown

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220120 – ‘Escape Room’ on M Countdown

Watch Fancams Here: Group | Jisun | Chaeyoung

220121 – ‘DM’ on Music Bank

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220123 – ‘DM’ on Inkigayo

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Music Show Official Photos

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220117 – fromis_9 makes a bold confession of love with ‘DM’


‘Leading the album is “DM,” a pop genre with a faint, nostalgic chord progression with a funky bass line.

“The song is a lionhearted confession of love made by fromis_9 after they successfully venture into the night,” Park Ji-won said, adding the letters stand for “Doesn’t Matter,” highlighting the girls’ daring attitude to win their love.’

Click here to read the full article by The Korea Herald

220118 – fromis_9 Talks About Their Latest Comeback, The Pressure Of Being HYBE’s Only Girl Group, And More


‘After fromis_9’s move to Pledis Entertainment and the disbandment of GFRIEND under Source Music, fromis_9 is currently the only girl group signed under HYBE Labels. Lee Saerom said, “Of course we feel a sense of pressure at having such a huge agency’s name attached to us, but we tried to think of the pressure as a driving force to make fromis_9’s color stronger.”

Asked if anything had changed since their management change, Song Hayoung said, “[The founder of Pledis] had been producing us from our debut until now, but now there’s a lot of wide support in other areas too, so it feels like we’re working together with him in heart and mind as well. And it made us ambitious about making a fresh start.”

Roh Jisun said, “Producing director [PD] Han Sung Soo worked on this album just as he worked with us ever since our debut. When ‘Talk & Talk’ got a good reception after our move, the members’ teamwork became stronger and we became more excited to make our next comeback.”’

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220120 – Maknae on Top! fromis_9’s Baek Jiheon First Solo Pictorial

Translated Summary:

Jiheon, who turned 20 in Korean age this year, met with Elle amidst her busy schedule for her first solo pictorial since her debut.

In an interview after the shoot, Jiheon expressed her desire to take on new challenges this year, such as getting her driver’s license, doing MC activities, and acting. She also talked about wanting to be an example for younger fans.

The full pictorial and interview will be available on Elle Korea’s February issue.



220118 – fromis_9 talk about being motivated by pressure and working on their new mini-album ‘Midnight Guest’: “We will strive to make 2022 the year of fromis_9.”


Q: It’s almost been four years since you debuted. How do you feel you’ve all grown as artists and as friends?

Nagyung: The past four years have truly felt like a gift and one I enjoyed every moment of. I have definitely grown through the wide range of challenges we faced over those years, and I am motivated to show more diverse sides of ourselves as artists moving forward.

With our members, our bond has grown stronger together as partners and simultaneously as each other’s closest friends. The sense of belonging and stability derived from our relationship is my favorite part of being in fromis_9.’

Click here to read the full interview by Bandwagon

220118 – Ask Anything: fromis_9

Translated Excerpt:

Q: Can you tell us about your bucket list for this year and the reasons for it?

Jiwon: Last year, thanks to the love and support from flover, was a year full of energy. This year, I want to share even greater happiness with flover, and when the situation gets better, not just domestic activities, I hope that I can meet flover all around the world in person!’

Click here to read the full interview by Naver VIBE

Official YouTube

Official Videos

220117 – ‘DM’ Cheer Guide

220119 – HoneY_log

220122 – HAPPY SEOYEON DAY #shorts

220122 – ‘DM’ Choreography Video

220123 – ‘DM’ M/V Reaction


220121 – ‘DM’ Choreography Behind

Official Japanese YouTube

220117 220117 – Midnight Guest Album Introduction


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[💌#fromis_9] Unlock with fromis 📱
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fromis_9 to unlock ➡️


#Midnight_Guest #fromis_9_DM

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[📢#fromis_9] 4th Mini Album ‘Midnight Guest’ LUCKY DRAW Online Event



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[#fromis_9🎉] 2022.01.22


#LeeSeoyeon #Seoyeon

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Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram


I had a lot of fun today too, right flover 💗
The picture is from MCountdown 1st stage ✨


Today is our baby gummy bear’s birthday. This baby gummy bear has a habit of taking selcas with other people’s phones when she’s feeling good…that’s her characteristiㅎ
#Hayoung #Seoyeon


Our Deoyeonie, happy birthday ❤️ Sometimes you’re cool and sometimes you’re cute. I’m going crazy because of you. Unnie really cherishes and loves you 💕💕 Today, let us only be happy ❤️
#Hayoung #Seoyeon


End of Inkigayo first performance❄️
#Hayoung #Jisun

Jisun’s Comment:

Lovely 💟


End of a happy fansign🤍 Go home safely flover🤍
#Hayoung #Jisun #Seoyeon


Thank you for this week, everyone. Next week too, fighting🤍

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Weverse Media Updates

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220118 – 2022 WEVERSE con with. flover 🤍 Behind Film

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220118 – COMEBACK LIVE 🗝 @ Sweet Room 🔒

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)

220122 – Hurry and come on in🎂

Seoyeon V LIVE ft. Chaeyoung (Direct Link)

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220123 – 1st week of DM☘️

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)

Official TikTok

220117 – #DMchallenge

220119 – #DMchallenge

220120 – #DMchallenge

220121 – #DMchallenge #Lipchange

220122 – #DMchallenge #Lipchange

220122 – #DMchallenge

220123 – #DMchallenge #Lipchange

Other TikTok Appearances

220119 – Helicopter with fromis_9 via ggondaehee

220121 – That’s how you do it, right? via ggondaehee

220123 – Super Yuppers! Challenge via official_wjsn



220117 – Jiheon-ah, Congratulations on the Comeback💛🐥 [Simmon]

220118 – Choi Hwajeong’s Power Time [SBS PowerFM]

No English subtitles available
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220118 – DM Challenge (with fromis_9 Jiheonie)💛 [Heebin]

220118 – “DM” Special Clip 4K Performance [1theK Originals]

220118 – Idol Workshop Ep.1 [U+Idol Live]

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220121 – Idol Workshop Ep.2 [U+Idol Live]

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220119 – Hangul Course on TV Part 3 [NHK ETV]

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220120 – FactMV ‘DM’ [Fact iN Star]

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220121 – Fact iN Star (Part.1) [Fact iN Star]

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220122 – Park Sohyun’s Love Game [SBS Power FM]

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220122 – [Let’s Eat] I prepared the food… but 9 people is a bit… [Ggondaehee]

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220123 – fromis_9 at BTOB’s Kiss The Radio [KBS CoolFM]

220123 – fromis_9 ‘DM’ 2x Speed Dance [KBS CoolFM]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220124 – Happy fromis_9 Day!

220125 – fromis_9 at SBS MTV The Show – 6 PM KST

220125 – fromis_9 Idol Workshop Part 3 – 7 PM KST

220126 – fromis_9 at MBC M Show Champion – 6 PM KST

220126 – Weekly Idol – 8 PM KST

220127 – fromis_9 at Mnet M Countdown – 6 PM KST

220127 – Interpark Video Call Event – 8:30 PM KST

220128 – fromis_9 at KBS Music Bank – 5 PM KST

220128 – MK Media Video Call Event – 8 PM KST

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