220116 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Midnight Guest

Video Teasers

220111 – Midnight Guest Highlight Medley

220115 – ‘DM’ Official Teaser 1

220116 – ‘DM’ Official Teaser 2

Other Teasers

Note: Jiwon and Seoyeon took part in composing and writing the lyrics for “Hush Hush”.

Album Packaging

220110 – Midnight Guest Album Packaging Details

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220116 – Points to Look Forward to on fromis_9’s New Album

Translated Excerpts:

Jiwon: The new album, Midnight Guest, consists of 5 songs with the keywords “escape at dawn”. Including the song that Seoyeon and I wrote, I believe that many people will love the album as the 9 members show their growth and various charms.

Saerom: So far, we have dealt with the feelings of flutter and excitement, but through this album, we try to show the bolder side of fromis_9.

Jisun: While maintaining the colors of fromis_9, it captures a deeper mood. As we grow little by little over time, the recording process, choreography, and b-side tracks contain the maturity of the members.

Seoyeon: With the new song, “DM”, we plan to entertain both the eyes and ears. Once with the song and once more with the stage, you will be able to feel an overwhelming emotion.

Hayoung: When I first heard “DM”, I felt overwhelmed. So that I can convey the excitement as it is, I worked hard for a long time with the members. There’s also an emotional point, just like in our pre-debut song, “Glass Shoes”, so I think it would be good to focus on that.

Gyuri: Since our maknae, Jiheonie, has become an adult, you can look forward to a slightly more mature performance by fromis_9.


Official YouTube


220114 – Channel_9 Spin-off

Official Videos

220112 – ‘9_log’ (Hayoung & Nagyung)

220115 – ‘9_log’ (Gyuri & Jiheon)

220116 – Midnight Guest Album Unboxing Welcome to f9 Home Shopping ver.

Click here to check fromis_9’s ‘Welcome to f9 Home shopping’ Behind Photo Sketch


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


fromis_9’s 4th Mini Album Midnight Guest Jewel Case ver. that will be released in Korea on January 17th (Monday) will have original Japanese benefits🎊
Also, pre-order sales will start at all UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE & TOWER RECORDS stores today at 11 AM KST on January 10th (Monday)❣

For more information ↓




[#Hayoung] D-7

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


[#Jisun] D-6

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


[#Saerom] D-5

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


4th mini album title track ‘DM’ pre-release!
Check it out on TikTok right now!




[#Jisun] Did you enjoy MMTG? 🎀
Please wait just a little bit more with anticipation ㅎㅎ


[#Seoyeon] D-4

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


[#Jiwon] D-3

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


[#Nagyung] D-2

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


D-1 pit-a-pat👀



[#Jiheon] Kyaa😆 The hashtag is out!!
Comeback tomorrow!!



From tomorrow, a digital campaign will be held to celebrate the distribution of fromis_9’s 4th Mini Album Midnight Guest🎉

Luxury prizes such as autographed CDs and posters are also available👀 We look forward to receiving many applications💓

For more information, click here.

#Midnight_Guest #fromis_9_DM


[#Chaeyoung] D-1

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


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Official TikTok

220110 – who flinched?👀

220113 – #DMchallenge

220114 – Midnight Guest✨💝 Doorbell rings, We’re here for ya! #DMchallenge

220115 – You’re invited for 💘DMchallenge💘 #DMchallenge

220116 – A mysterious glare with Midnight Guest💝 #DMchallenge



220110 – Weekly Idol Surprise Live [ALL THE K-POP]

No English subtitles available

220111 – Weverse Con Special Clip [HYBE LABELS]

220112 – Hangul Course on TV Part 2 [NHK ETV]

220112 – Street Dance Girls Fighter Final Behind Vlog ft. Jiheon [Heebin]

English subtitles not available

220113 – MMTG Ep. 228-1 [MMTG]

220113 – MMTG Ep. 228-2 [MMTG]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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✨fromis_9 : Ask Anything ✨
‘Ask Anything’, where you can ask anything of fromis_9’s members, right now! If you reply to this post, VIBE will ask them directly. We’re asking for your participation :)🙏 @realfromis_9

English Subtitles Now Available

220106 – 20 V LIVE

Jiheon V LIVE ft. Jiwon’s phone call and Nagyung (Direct Link)

220107 – Happy Birthday Saerom🎂 V LIVE

Saerom V LIVE ft. Hayoung, Jisun and Seoyeon (Direct Link)

220109 – Midnight Guest Talk Show

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