220109 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Midnight Guest

Video Teasers

220103 – Midnight Guest ‘Before Midnight’ Jacket Film

220105 – Midnight Guest ‘After Midnight’ Individual Concept Films

220106 – Midnight Guest ‘After Midnight’ Concept Film

220109 – Midnight Guest Talk Show

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Midnight Guest Official Photos

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220106 – Shadow Beauty Director Bang Soo In Interview

Translated Excerpt:

What stands out about the cast lineup of ‘Shadow Beauty’ is that all the main characters except Shim Dalgi are idols. Among them, Lee Nagyung, who plays Mijin, a two-faced woman pretending to be Genie, was selected through an audition. Director Bang chose Lee Nagyung because she was clever and sentimental even though she had no acting experience, saying that there was no rule that “Mijin should be an idol.”

“Actually, Lee Nagyung’s personality is very easygoing. During the audition, she smiled like a baby and an angel, so I thought ‘a transformation from that face to a villain will be interesting’. One time, she showed me the monitor and said, ‘am I really like this?’. I answered, ‘maybe it’s a side of you that you yourself don’t know about?’ but she said, ‘I’m not like that’. Around the second half of shooting, she said, ‘I didn’t know, but it turns out I could make a face like this’. That’s how the connection between Sun Mijin and Lee Nagyung was built.”


220107 – fromis_9 Announces Media and Fan Showcases for Midnight Guest


Pledis Entertainment confirmed this week that on January 17, the day of fromis_9’s comeback with their 4th Mini Album, Midnight Guest, two showcases will take place.

For the media, a showcase will be held at 4 PM KST, before the album’s official release. For the fans, the showcase will be held at 7 PM KST, an hour after the album is out. Fans who pre-ordered Midnight Guest on Weverse Shop GLOBAL will be drawn at random to attend the event, which will also be streamed live on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel.

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Official YouTube

Official Videos

220107 – HAPPY SAEROM DAY #shorts


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Seoyeon] HBD Rom🥳🎉💕


[#Hayoung] Happy birthday Nyaong-ah, my best friend unnie Nyamnyamnim
You’re always silently working hard in front of us, right? Thank you always🥺

Sometimes, when I think of it, it’s really fascinating to be on the same team as unnie.
We were just saying hi when we met in the school hallway…
I guess we were destined to be together. Let’s be together forever ♥️

Unnie is a person whose existence alone makes me happy. Thank you for being born. Oh, right! Our comeback song this time is really good so let’s work hard until the end 😚

Saerom’s Reply:

[#Saerom] Lovely, I love you. Thank you always🦊❤


[#Chaeyoung] happy birthday💕


[#Jisun] Happy Birthday 🦊🍠


[#Jiheon] D-9

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM


[#Gyuri] D-8

#Midnight_Guest #20220117_6PM

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220105 – CHANNEL_9 Behind EP.7

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220106 – 20

Jiheon V LIVE ft. Jiwon’s phone call and Nagyung (Direct Link)

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220107 – Happy Birthday Saerom🎂

Saerom V LIVE ft. Hayoung, Jisun and Seoyeon (Direct Link)

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Official TikTok

220103 – spoiler alert!

220105 – we are Midnight Guest🌛✨

220107 – very casual teleportation😎



220104 – Street Dance Girls Fighter Ep. 6 Jiheon Cut [Mnet]

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220105 – Hangul Course on TV Ep. 37 fromis_9 Cut [NHK ETV]

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Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

211227 – Gyurismas🍊 V LIVE

Gyuri V LIVE (Direct Link)

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

220110 – “Midnight Guest” Tracklist – 12 AM KST

220110 – fromis_9 – Weekly Idol Live Broadcast – Exact time TBA

220111 – “Midnight Guest” Highlight Medley – 12 AM KST

220113 – Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Chaeyoung and Jiheon – MMTG – 5 PM KST

220113 – “Midnight Guest” Surprise Teaser – 7 PM KST

220114 – “Midnight Guest” Surprise Teaser – 9 PM KST

220115 – “Midnight Guest” MV Teaser 1 – 12 AM KST

220116 – “Midnight Guest” MV Teaser 2 – 12 AM KST

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