211226 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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211223 – Channel_9 EP.19 Running_9 🏃‍♀️ Finding The Prize Part.1

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211224 – ‘WE GO’ Special Video (Holiday ver.)


211226 – ‘WE GO’ Special Video (Holiday ver.) Shooting Behind


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


#Youknow_fromis_9 EVENT
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If the meme is great, fromies might show up as a surprise…?😏

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fromis_9 who came like a gift
’WE GO’ Holiday ver. 🎁☃
Watching and listening to it and the day is over?🥳🎄



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Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


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Weverse Media Updates

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211222 – CHANNEL_9 Behind EP.6

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Click here to check CHANNEL_9’s Behind Photo Sketch from episodes 17 and 18


211220 – I’m Here, Flo

Nagyung V LIVE ft. Hayoung (Direct Link)

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211224 – Happy Holidays with Yellowz🎂

Hayoung and Jiwon V LIVE (Direct Link)

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Official TikTok

211220 – NORANGZ VS 00Z

211222 – Christmas surprise 🎀 🎄

211224 – Merry fromis_mas!🎅🏻💚



211222 – ZZIN Kyung Kyu Ep. 66 | Looking for the God Ramen [KakaoTV]

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No English subtitles available

211224 – 12-Hour Office Live | ASMR with Jisun [MMTG]

No English subtitles available

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Shadow Beauty

Streaming links for this week’s episodes:

211222 – Shadow Beauty Ep. 11 | My Disappearance – KakaoTV | WeTV | Viki

211225 – Shadow Beauty Ep. 12 | Shadow Beauty – KakaoTV | WeTV | Viki

Note: The websites are region locked and some require membership, find your best match!

211221 – Shadow Beauty Episodes 7-10 Commentary [Kakao TV]

No English subtitles available

211223 – Shadow Beauty Episodes 9-10 Behind [Kakao TV]

Click image to be redirected to the video
No English subtitles available

211224 – Shadow Beauty 2 Million Views Pledge Video [Kakao TV]

No English subtitles available

Shadow Beauty MISC Updates

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Genie’s Instagram Posts

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English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule


211227 – Hayoung – Naver NOW Moonbyul’s Studio MoonNight – 9 PM KST

211229 – Nagyung – KakaoTV Shadow Beauty Ep. 10 (Final) – 8 PM KST

211230 – CHANNEL_9 EP.20 – 9 PM KST

211231 – fromis_9 – 2022 Weverse Con – 5:30 PM KST

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