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211115 – fromis_9’s Individual Instagram Accounts Are Now Verified

Over a year after their creation, fromis_9’s individual Instagram accounts are now verified. The process finished this Monday, November 15.

Check for yourself on Instagram!

Saerom – @saeromssee
Hayoung – @shy9_29
Gyuri – @gyurious_j
Jiwon – @xjiwonparkx
Jisun – @rosieline_
Seoyeon – @im_theyeon
Chaeyoung – @chaengrang_
Nagyung – @blossomlng_0
Jiheon – @jiheonnibaek


Official YouTube


211118 – CHANNEL_9 EP. 14 fromis Pajama Challenge🏅

Official Videos

211117 – College Entrance Exam 2022 Support Message


211119 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Special Video Shooting Behind


Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


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Hi, it’s Jiheon.
After finishing the CSAT today, I came to greet you late at night. I want to say my thanks to everyone who cheered for me.
Also, to all the test takers, regardless of the results, you’ve done your best throughout all this time, and I believe that alone deserves applause😊
Like the saying ‘Dream of flying to the wide sky’, I will continue to support those who keep on dreaming.
Once again, test takers, you’ve all worked hard~!!

#CSAT #YouHaveWorkedHard

Saerom’s Comment (Translation):

My dongsaeng whom I have a lot to learn from, you have worked so so hard. Now let’s go eat meat🌈


211120 – ✌️✌️

Jiheon V LIVE (Direct Link)

Official TikTok

211119 – #PastLifePortrait



211119 – #FB4Fans AR Performance Greeting [Facebook]

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211120 – Immortal Songs Ep. 533 [KBS]

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No English subtitles available

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Shadow Beauty

Streaming links for this week’s episodes:

211120 – Shadow Beauty Ep. 1 | Double Life After School – KakaoTV | WeTV | Viki

211120 – Shadow Beauty Ep. 2 | A Face in the Dark – KakaoTV | WeTV | Viki

Note: The websites are region locked and some require membership, find your best match!

211117 – Double Life After School | A Game Full of Team Kill and Satoori [Kakao TV]

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No English subtitles available

211119 – Shadow Beauty Live Talk [Kakao TV]

Click here to watch Nagyung’s cut with English subtitles

211119 – Kids Meet a Social Media Celebrity [Studio Kizzle]

Shadow Beauty MISC Updates

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Genie’s Instagram Posts

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule


211124 – Nagyung – KakaoTV Shadow Beauty Ep. 3 – 8 PM KST

211125 – CHANNEL_9 EP.15 – 9 PM KST

211127 – Nagyung – KakaoTV Shadow Beauty Ep. 4 – 8 PM KST

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