211031 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


211029 – Lee Chaeyoung to Perform Seated in Upcoming Activities

On Friday, October 29, Lee Chaeyoung was treated for pain in her left ankle in a hospital. After examination, the medical staff offered the opinion that while her daily activities will not be affected, she had suffered a rupture in the ligament in her left ankle region and should refrain from strenuous movement for the time being.

Following medical advice, Pledis has decided to minimize Chaeyoung’s movements in this week’s fromis_9 activities. For the V LIVE scheduled for 9 PM Friday, October 29, she will take part while sitting down; for the “WE ALL ARE ONE 2021 K-POP for Overcoming COVID-19” event at 6 PM Sunday, October 31, she will also be performing while seated.

Lee Chaeyoung’s health will continue to be monitored and her participation in future activities will be carefully planned.


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211028 – CHANNEL_9 EP. 11 CAMPING_9 with CAMPFIRE 🏕

Official Videos

211031 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Special Video (Halloween ver.)

Jisun ASMR

211030 – Autumn Is Here? I’ll Let You Hear Autumn : ) / dalgona, dry flower, letter sounds


211025 – fromisoda #40

211026 – fromisoda #41


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Jisun] Releasing saved pictures🌚

🎵 CL – Lover Like Me


[#Seoyeon] I had so much fun today 👻🎃🧛🏻‍♂️💕

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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211029 – Halloween Party with flover 🍷🦇🕸🕷

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)

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211026 – #CuttingOutDalgona

211026 – #DalgonaGame

211027 – #LetsGroove

211029 – #Goblin



211027 – Ranking Food Talk Ep. 8 [THE BOB STUDIO]

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211029 – ‘Cloud’ at Drama OST Concert [2021 Seoul International Drama Awards]

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Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Shadow Beauty

Genie’s Instagram Posts

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211020 – Ranking Food Talk Ep. 7 [THE BOB STUDIO]

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

211104 – CHANNEL_9 EP.12 – 9 PM KST

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