211017 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


211011 – fromis_9 Confirmed as Part of the Line-up of WE ALL ARE ONE Concert

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fromis_9 has been confirmed as part of the lineup of WE ALL ARE ONE concert, scheduled for October 31.

Together with The Salvation Army, Red Angel will be holding a special K-pop charity concert dedicated to overcoming COVID-19.

The proceeds and donations from the event will be used to support the global community suffering from poverty, hunger, and diseases.


211013 – fromis_9 Nominated on ASIA ARTIST AWARDS 2021


From 13th Oct「ASIA ARTIST AWARDS 2021」The voting for Popular Artist Japan has started!
We look forward to flover participation in the votes💖

Category: Female Idol Group

Voting and more details→aaa-ret.com/a/artists

#fromis_9 #AsiaArtistAwards

Note: Voting Tutorial


Official YouTube


211014 – Channel_9 EP. 9 Today is CAMPING_9!


211017 – YouTube Creators DanceKang & Jinjeolme Collab Behind


211011 – fromisoda #39


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Saerom] Lastly, today’s dinner gift has arrived 😛


[#Jisun] A picture that was hidden and today’s song recommendation
The weather is cool so opening the window is nice 🌬


🎵 Alessia Cara – Box In The Ocean

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Weverse Media Updates

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211013 – CHANNEL_9 Behind EP.2

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Official TikTok

211014 – #SeoulFashionWeek



211014 – WE GO [2021 Sharing Concert]

Watch Fancam Here

211014 – Talk & Talk [2021 Sharing Concert]

Watch Fancam Here

211017 – Talk & Talk [COSMOPOLITAN Korea]

211017 – Talk & Talk [Open Concert]

Newly Released Videos From Previous Weeks

210908 – fromis_9 Interview [MBCPLUS]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

211021 – CHANNEL_9 EP.10 – 9 PM KST

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