210912 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

This week’s recap is divided into three pages.

Talk & Talk

210907 – fromis_9 First Win Speech and Encore Stage [The Show]

Source: The K-pop
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210906 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on SIMPLY K-POP CON-TOUR (📍Russia)

Watch Fancams Here: Gyuri, Jiwon

210907 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on The Show

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Watch The Show’s Self-Congratulatory Live Here

210908 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on Show Champion

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Watch Show Champion’s Pick Up Pick Up TIME Here

210909 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on M Countdown

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210910 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on Music Bank

210912 – ‘Talk & Talk’ on Inkigayo

Music Show Official Photos

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Newly Released Videos from Previous Weeks: Fancams
Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks: Inkigayo (1) (2) | M Countdown


210906 – fromis_9 Joins Fan Platform Weverse

Pledis Entertainment announced this Monday, September 6, the opening of fromis_9’s Weverse.

“‘fromis_9 Weverse’ is a community space for fromis_9 and flover to communicate and create together. fromis_9 and flover will be able to share their daily lives in the community through various functions, such as ‘Feed,’ ‘Moments,’ ‘Artist,’ and ‘Discover’. In addition, we expect flovers’ participation in various events we prepared”, disclosed the company.

Additionally, Pledis confirmed fromis_9 also joined Weverse Shop, where fans will be able to buy from albums to future concert merch and fan meeting products.

Weverse is available on iOS, Android and web.

Weverse Shop has a separate app, that can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Sources: (1) (2) (3)

210910 – fromis_9 Interview: 1st Win Since Debut, It Feels Like We’re Finally at the Starting Line

Translated Excerpt:

Girl group fromis_9 placed 1st in a music show 1,323 days after debut. They placed 1st in MTV The Show on the 7th and reaped the fruits of reaching the top after 4 years.

Saerom: It’s my first time to stand in 1st place, the place that I have always been wishing for. Now I think I finally know the meaning of 1st place. Even though my heart hasn’t changed greatly due to winning 1st place, we were able to borrow that place to express our gratitude.

Hayoung: It is such a precious gift. 7th of September 2021 has become an unforgettable day. since this time we won 1st place for the 1st time, we will do our best so that we can win 1st place again.

Jiwon: I’m so thankful to our members and flovers who have always been with me. As much as I’ve been wishing for it for a long time, the touching feeling and happiness came harder. I hope that from now on, only good things will happen to my members and flovers.

Jisun: It feels like I have finally reached the starting line in earnest, and it makes me ready my mind. I think about things that come up to mind and all the parts that I feel regretful about. But nowadays, it’s also fun and it makes me more determined.

Seoyeon: The traces of us running really hard for 4 years seemed to have been proven not in vain… It was a 1st place that I never expected. Even after coming down from the stage, it didn’t feel real. After seeing our staff, who were ecstatic, congratulating us and crying, then it gradually sank in.

Jiheon: A thousand different emotions crossed my mind. I was happy, but I also felt a lot of other emotions. I feel sad that we weren’t able to celebrate with flovers in person, but I’d like to think that our feelings were shared through the screen. I want to say thank you again to flover.


210910 – First Music Show Win Interview

Translated Excerpt:

Topping the music show for the first time in four years since their debut, fromis_9 shared their feelings and their future plans, goals, and songs that they want to re-climb the charts.

When asked about the song they want to re-climb the chart, most of the members chose ‘Love Bomb,’ that showed great potential.

Saerom: ‘Love Bomb’ was not only loved by flovers, but it was also loved by many others who are interested in K-pop. I want to promote this song and perform it to more people.

Gyuri: It’s a song that can be loved by more people. It’s so addictive that you’ll keep humming it even if you only listened to it once. The strong hook is attractive and the dance is easy to follow. It also has a lot of point dances.
I also suggest ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ as another song. It’s slightly more mature than ‘Love Bomb.’ It shows that not only can we pull off bright songs like ‘Love Bomb,’ we can also pull off various concepts as well.

Seoyeon: Reels and TikToks are very popular and are hot topics, and are easy to follow. ‘Love Bomb’ has an easy dance to follow.

Nagyung: This song (Love Bomb) is the song that started to show the colors of fromis_9. Personally, it’s a song that I really love.

The other members chose ‘Glass Shoes’ and ‘WE GO’ as the songs they want to re-climb the charts.

Click here to read the full interview translated by fiq.


Official YouTube


210909 – CHANNEL_9 EP.4 ‘Best Friends Photo Exhibition📸’

Official Videos

210906 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Choreography Video

210911 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Performance Video

Check Performance Video Behind Photos Here


210910 – ‘Talk & Talk’ MV Recording Behind

FM_1.24 Special

210908 – ‘Talk & Talk’ 1st Win Thoughts

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