210829 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Talk & Talk

210825 – Talk & Talk Album Packaging Details

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Talk & Talk Official Photos

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Twitter Blueroom LIVE
🕔2021.09.01 (Wed) 5PM KST

Send a question with the hashtag #TalknTalk_with_fromis_9.
fromis_9 members will read and answer them!

#fromis_9 #TalknTalk

210828 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Reminder

210829 – ‘Talk & Talk’ Official Teaser #1


210825 – fromis_9 to Hold an Online Fansign Event

Succeeding the news of Talk & Talk, fromis_9’s 2nd special single album to be released on September 1, Pledis Entertainment announced an online fansign event will be held during the album’s promotions.

Following a similar format as My Little Society and 9 Way Ticket online fansigns, fans will have to pre-order the group’s upcoming album on a specific Korean store to apply. Winners will be picked through a random draw.

For the event, the group will be divided into two units, A Unit (Saerom, Hayoung, Jisun, Seoyeon and Chaeyoung) and B Unit (Gyuri, Jiwon, Nagyung and Jiheon). 50 lucky winners per unit will get the chance to talk to the members for a short amount of time. Winners will also receive their album signed and exclusive pictures of the girls.

Sales for the event are running on YES24 online store until August 31. Winners will be announced on September 2. The event will be held on September 5 through KakaoTalk.


Official YouTube


210826 – CHANNEL_9 EP.2 The Content Monster Awakens


210823 – ‘KCON:TACT 4 U’ VCR Shooting Behind Part 2


210823 – fromisoda #31

210824 – fromisoda #32

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[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! <FM_1.24>
The notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[#Jisun] For the time being, the rain is going to fall on and off, right? Tomorrow, make sure to bring your umbrella 🌂
Good night🥱


🎵 Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker – please


[#Jisun] But not yet.. It’s still too early for an adult in a new country to go and remove my makeup.. My heart.. is not prepared..🙃



fromis_9 directly presents Channel_9 program ideas📝

What will happen in Channel_9 in the future?

Today too, laugh while watching Channel_9😆

#fromis_9 #Channel_9


[#Jiheon] I want to change my Instagram ID, so recommend some ideas, flover!!


[#Seoyeon] Me too me too, please recommend an Instagram ID!!!!


[💌#fromis_9] We are starting anew in earnest! 9️⃣
The nine fromis PD-nim will make it
Stay tuned to #Channel_9 and look forward to the new season😉


210829 – 2021 <Channel_9> EP1-2 Behind Photo Sketch Facebook Post

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210826 – Kkwaeng Hi🐿️

Chaeyoung V LIVE (Direct Link)

210826 – Kkwaeng Hi🐿️ V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌 #fromis_9] Banana chacha! All together lalala lala chacha! 💛🐿️
Did you have fun with Chaeyoung’s surprise V LIVE, the pretty baby squirrel who looks good with any hair🤨⁉️

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST



210826 – Lee Nagyung🐣 Wants To Make Eye Contact With You!👀💌 #shorts [KCON]

210826 – Lee Saerom🦊 Wants To Make Eye Contact With You!👀💌 #shorts [KCON]

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210901 – fromis_9 – Twitter Blueroom Live Q&A – 5 PM KST

210901 – Talk & Talk Special Single Album Release – 6 PM KST

210902 – fromis_9 at M! Countdown – 6PM KST

210902 – fromis_9 at Music Bank – 5 PM KST

210903 – Gyuri and Jiwon – Fashion N Follow Me – 6 PM KST

210905 – fromis_9 at Inkigayo – 3:40 PM KST

210905 – Talk & Talk 1st Fansign – 6:30 PM KST

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