210815 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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210814 – [HoneY_log] EP. 2 High School Senior Baek Jiheon All Night Study With Me (I Can’t Be the Only One Pulling an All Nighter)


210813 – ‘KCON:TACT 4 U’ VCR Shooting Behind Part 1


210809 – fromisoda #24

210810 – fromisoda #25

210811 – fromisoda #26

210813 – fromisoda #27

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[#Jisun] The 1st day of Autumn has passed, how about a fresh song😮‍💨 Heh


🎵 Chaebin – Would U

Note: Lee Chaebin, formerly Lee Dahee, is a good friend of Jisun from Idol School


[#Gyuri] 🪞🍊


[💌#fromis_9] #EncouragementTrain
On-tact Social Live with the 23rd Division of the Army!
Always protecting South Korea reliably for 365 days a year, thank you.
Thank you always, South Korean military personnel🙏🏻


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! <FM_1.24>
A notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[#Jiheon] Everyone, I’ve uploaded the Study With Me! Though I’m not good at it, I tried my best to film it! Even if the result isn’t good, I want to tell everyone who is trying their best that you’re so cool 🙂 I hope this can be a little comfort to everyone who watches this video! Fighting! Let us hang in there until the end😊


210810 – 🍡🍡🍡

Jiheon voice only V LIVE (Direct Link)

210810 – 🍡🍡🍡🍡 (Part 2)

Jiheon voice only V LIVE (Direct Link)


210810 – A Sudden Video the PD Made Thinking of fromis_9 / Chaeyoung Chapter #shorts [PR22Team]

No English subtitles available

210812 – A Sudden Video the PD Made Thinking of fromis_9 / Hayoung Chapter #shorts [PR22Team]

No English subtitles available

210813 – A Sudden Video the PD Made Thinking of fromis_9 / Jisun Chapter #shorts [PR22Team]

No English subtitles available

210812 – MaPia fromis_9 Photoshoot Behind [ZEMMING]

210812 – On-Tact Encouragement Train fromis_9 Cut [National Defense TV]

Click image to watch the video
No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

210805 – Man Grilling Meat Ep. 18-4 ft. Hayoung and Jiwon [JerryTube]

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