210718 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


210713 – fromis_9’s Park Jiwon Racket Boys OST ‘Cloud’ to Be Released Today

Translated Excerpt:

The fifth OST of Racket Boys, “CLOUD”, by Park Jiwon, the main vocalist of girl group fromis_9, will be released.

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Racket Boys announced the release of its fifth OST “CLOUD” at 6 PM on the 13th.

“CLOUD” is the first song released by the music production team 0308, composed of Analog and Kim Sung-hyun. Moreover, the lyrics are impressive, expressing singer Park Jiwon’s lovely yet cool vocals with the introduction of guitar riffs that stick to the ear, expressing the pure feelings of love from the other person as if a ray of sunshine was falling in the clouds.

Park Jiwon, who participated as a singer, perfectly sang the high-pitched part of the chorus and showed off her high-quality vocal skills, adding freshness and coolness to the song. In particular, in the verse part, Park Jiwon’s lovely voice sweetly expressed the excitement of first love that everyone would have experienced at least once, making us look forward to the birth of a confession song that we want to sing in front of our loved ones.

The production company said, “The song will play the role of a licorice for the refreshing romance story that has arisen among the members of Racket Boys.” “Please look forward to the song ‘CLOUD’, which created a pleasant synergy between Park Jiwon and composer team ‘0308’.”


Official YouTube

Official Videos

210714 – fromTwoMeals Part 1

No English subtitles available

210717 – fromTwoMeals Part 2

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210716 – ‘WE GO’ Promotion Behind Part 2

Official Instagram


Participated in drama #RacketBoys OST💗💗 Please show a lot of love to ‘Cloud’, a song that makes you feel like you’re on a cloud when you listen to it☁️☁️

#Jiwon #Cloud


fromis_9 hold~!!
A very comfortable, fun, delicious and happy, lovely Man Who Grills Meat filming

#Hayoung #ManWhoGrillsMeat #fromis_9

Instagram Story Translation:

Lovely Man Who Grills Meat🥰🥰🥰

Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Gyuri’s Instagram


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


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Source: Nagyung’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram



[💡#fromis_9] fromis_9’s Jiwon SBS drama <Racket Boys> OST ‘CLOUD’ has been released.

‘CLOUD’ is now available on all music sites. Please show it a lot of interest and love!

#fromis_9 #ParkJiwon #RacketBoys #OST #CLOUD


[💌#fromis_9] I heard that when you listen to our Jiwonie, you don’t need aircon anymore? Because there is no heat★ Please look forward to our fromies proud main vocal Jiwonnie’s refreshing and cool #RacketBoys OST ‘#Cloud’ ❤


[#Gyuri] 🎁


[🛎#fromis_9] Full of greenery real healing (?) meal eating content #from2meals🌳 See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[#Seoyeon] Even though it’s raining, it’s still hot. Eat something delicious and have strength, everyone🍀


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! <FM_1.24>
The notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[🛎#fromis_9] Hectically preparing lunch #fromTwoMeals🌳 Tonight, at 9 PM KST, see you in Part.2💕


210717 – Who saw a rainbow~

Nagyung V LIVE (Direct Link)

210717 – Who saw a rainbow~ V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] Just like the pretty rainbow after the rain 🌈
Nagyung missed flovers so she turned on V LIVE, how was it~??😙✌

Click image to be redirected to the V LIVE POST


210713 – Racket Boys OST | Park Jiwon – Cloud [MUSIC&NEW]


[Streaming Event]

#RacketBoys fifth OST!☁☁☁
#fromis_9_ParkJiwon – #Cloud is out now🎉
Please help stream ‘Cloud’, the best confession song of the summer💕
We’ll be giving an autographed Polaroid through lucky draw to those who supported us🎁


210713 – Park Jiwon’s ‘Cloud’ Recording Site Behind Photos

Source: MelOn

210715 – Man Who Grills Meat Ep. 18-1 ft. Hayoung & Jiwon [Jerry Tube]

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No English subtitles available

210717 – fromis_9 Interview [FANVATAR]

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English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210722 – Hayoung and Jiwon – Man Who Grills Meat Ep. 18-2 – 6 PM KST

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