210620 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


210615 – 9 Way Ticket Takes #1 on Oricon Daily Album Chart


「The 2nd Single Album ‘9 WAY TICKET’」 acquired 1st for 14th of June’s Oricon Daily Album Ranking
flover, thank you very much! 🍀
Thank you for your continued support!


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210618 – ‘WE GO’ Promotions Behind Part 1



[💌#fromis_9] 💕fromies, who came back from playing at #SEULGIzip 🏡
Have a comfortable Tuesday night🌛 together with fromies💕, who were shy🥰


[💌#fromis_9] Was the #NOW #LunchAttack with fromies fun?
Have a cool day while watching fromies💕


[💌#fromis_9] How was the trip✈ to become a #fromis_9 fan on #WeeklyIdol ~? Today is the day I have been wishing for! End the day together with fromies💕


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! An <FM_1.24> notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[💌#fromis_9] Everything about our fromies is good, but I hope they can fix one thing..!! fromis is so cool that flovers’ hearts almost stop❤
Did you enjoy watching #IdolChallenge #AnotherClass with fromies’ cool cover dance and upgraded entertainment sense?!


[💌#fromis_9] Do you know the 3 best sugars in this world? Brown sugar, oligosaccharide, and cute fromies❤
Cute and full of wit fromies’ #IdolLeague


210615 – SEULGI.zip ft. Hayoung, Gyuri, Jisun and Jiheon [Naver NOW]

Click image to watch SEULGI.zip
No English subtitles available


Successful unzip with fromies👍

#SEULGI #SEULGIzip #RedVelvet


#SEULGIzip💛 fromies came to play~!
“Can we call you unnie…?” Shy shy from the start //.// Excited #fromies💕!
Watch Seulgi, who emits a sunbae aura🐻, with the cutie fromies right now! 🥰Come see them at 🏡Seulgi’s house🏡
#NOWonAir #fromis_9 #flover #Seulgi


Today’s #SEULGIzip is complete💚
Seulgi unnie🐻 and fromies’🥰 time to slowly get to know each other…💕 (Like a blind date,,✨)
Watch JIHEONxSEULGI #RedFlavor♥️ collab, drawings🎨, and a time to know #Gyuri #Hayoung #Jisun #Jiheon charms💛 fromies~☘️ thanks for coming to 🏡SEULGIzip😍
#NOWonAir #fromis_9 #Seulgi


Today’s #SEULGIzip was successfully created💚 Our #fromi💜, that have nothing they can’t do, are so cute.. pretty..💕
Since we have gotten close today, next time we meet, please shout “Unnie~” happily! Promise🥰🤙🏻 You did a good job today~❤️

This Thursday, it’s Seulgi’s alone time!😘 I’ll come back as lone Seul💛 Thank you for staying with me until late😍


#Seulgi X #fromis_9 WE GO challenge💛
(How can you not love this combination..💕 Dance line go off…🤦🏻‍♀️)
#fromis_9 #RedVelvet #Jiheon #Seulgi


#StormUpload😆 SEULGIxJIHEON ❤Red Flavor❤

On the summer☀️, as expected, #RedFlavor♥️ is the best flavor😘 Take a look at dance goddess🕺 #Seulgi🐻 and successful fan😍 #Jiheon ‘s refreshing dance and ger rid of the heat💙 (Air conditioner is not needed..💨 They are human ACs..💙) #RedVelvet #fromis_9

210616 – Lunch Attack [Naver NOW]

Click image to watch Lunch Attack
No English subtitles available


Who are today’s #g.o.d #LunchAttack guests?! The lovely frobabies #fromis_9💕 They acquired chicken snacks, broke the universe with aegyo❤️ and went home laughing🥰 Next time, come again to heal at Lunch Attack💙
#NOWonAir #god #fromis_9

210616 – Weekly Idol Episode 516 [MBC M]

Click image to watch Weekly Idol with English subtitles

210616 – Weekly Idol YouTube Clips [ALL THE K-POP]

Embedded is a playlist with extra Weekly Idol clips and fancams

210616 – Weekly Idol Ep. 516 On-set Photos


Weekly Idol Twitter Updates with fromis_9

Sources: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

210617 – TEAM KNOCK Instagram Updates with fromis_9

Sources: (1) (2)
Note: TEAM KNOCK is a media production team behind Weekly Idol


[#FanStore Hidden Stage]
⬛️ fromis_9 ⬛️
🚨Spend an online summer vacation 🌊with fromis
flover, gather around! ✨🎙
fromis_9’s autographed souvenir event!🎇💌
International shipping is available✈️

Participate in the event: bit.ly/35peUbd

#WeeklyIdol #fromis_9

Note: Click “Translation” to read the full thread explaining how to enter the event.


[Idol League] fromis_9
Wow, that pic~tu~re is so pretty! (Amazed)

💟 June 19, Saturday, 8 PM KST #STATV

#fromis_9 @realfromis_9


[Idol League] fromis_9
Ding-Dong! An <Idol League>
notice has arrived! See you on Saturday, 8 PM KST💕

💟 June 19, Saturday, 8 PM KST #STATV

#fromis_9 @realfromis_9

210619 – Idol League [STATV]

Click image to watch Idol League with English subtitles

210620 – Idol League ☘fromis_9 “I Like You” Song☘ [STATV]

210616 – KCON:TACT 4 U Transparent Photocard Set



Click image to watch KCON:TACT 4 U BREAKING LIVE

210620 – KCON Twitter Updates with fromis_9

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210620 – KCON:TACT 4 U fromis_9 Cut

Click image to watch KCON:TACT 4 U fromis_9 Cut



It’s good to be with fromies wherever💕
#fromis_9(@realfromis_9) came on MaPa☘️

Before the release of the new episode of ZEMMING🐿️
We prepared a preview of fromies’ #MaPa 😎

Tonight, at 5:07 PM(KST)

#fromis_9 #Jisun #Hayoung #Saerom #Chaeyoung #Gyuri #Nagyung #Jiwon #Seoyeon #Jiheon

210617 – fromis_9, Who Are Good At Both Quizzes and PR! | MA-P-A [ZEMMING]

210618 – Korea Star fromis_9 Interview

Sources: (1) (2)

210618 – Idol Challenge Ep.2 ft. fromis_9 and ONF [The K-pop]

210620 – fromis_9 Invites Fans to Travel Online! The Biggest Change in Four Years Since Debut [MTV Idols of Asia]

No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

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