210613 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

9 Way Ticket

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Newly Released Backstages from Previous Weeks

210526 Show Champion Behind

210531 Simply K-pop Behind Clips: (1) (2) (3)

210601 The Show Behind

Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks

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Official YouTube

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210607 – ‘WE GO’ Choreography Video (Random Ratio Dance ver.)

210608 – ‘Airplane Mode’ Special Video (Hand ver.)

Official Instagram


we go last stage boo-hoo🥺
#fromis_9 #WE_GO #WE_GO_challenge #challenge #WachuWachu #Inkigayo

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[💌#fromis_9] What do you think of fromies’ random ratio dance version?
After this we won’t be afraid of any stages anymore👍!!! Please keep cheering for all of fromies’ stages 💕


[#Jiheon] Recommend me a good restaurant or café in Seoul I can go to with my parents, flover!!

[#Jiheon] Coffee and other beverages need to be tasty at the café…
Because I’ll get a beverage and my parents coffee, heh


[#Seoyeon] Thanks to the support of many people..
#Bbuaeng #Goodnight #☘


210613 – fromis_9 Check In [KCON:TACT 4 U]

210613 – fromis_9 Dance Practice Teaser [KCON:TACT 4 U]

210607 – fromies’ Intern Duty.Zip👍ㅣfromis_9 Unedited.Ver [Fact iN Star]

210607 – Surprise Live with fromis_9 [Weekly Idol]

No English subtitles available


#WeeklyIdol @weeklyidol_

Next week’s Weekly Idol guest is?💕
👤Silhouette dance hint🕺💃
Are you curious about the silhouettes’ owners?🤔

June 16, Wednesday
MBC M 8 PM KST/ MBCevery1 12AM KST
Watch Weekly Idol live broadcast📺

210611 – Ep. 516 Preview [Weekly Idol]

No English subtitles available

210608 – Na Haeun X fromis_9 – Collab Behind Part 1 [Awesome Haeun]

No English subtitles available

210611 – Na Haeun X fromis_9 – Collab Behind Part 2 (ASMR) [Awesome Haeun]

No English subtitles available


[The Bomb💣 DANCE] EP.3 fromis_9

Just by the sounds, it feels like a haunted house experience(?)😱
Caution👂 High octaves, high notes
Caution👀 fromies’ beauty

❤Today, at 5 PM KST, on THE KPOP YouTube channel❤

#THEKPOP #TheBombDANCE #fromis_9 @realfromis_9

210609 – The Bomb💣 DANCE Ep. 3 | A Courage Test Like a Haunted House Experience(?) [The K-POP]

No English subtitles available

210610 – Discord That Starts as Soon as We Debut…? | [SGBoyz] Ep. 5

No English subtitles available


It’s nice to be a flover🥰
Because we get to see these holy 4 shots💗

June 15 at 10 PM KST!
fromis will come to play on #SEULGIzip 🎉
Questions you want to ask the four of them🤔, things you want to say🗣, and so on, please do it😘!

Please send it with your nickname to [Seulgi.zip] using #7117 💕 (SMS fee of 100 KRW)


210611 – fromis_9 TelepaSHOW [The K-pop]

No English subtitles available

Japanese Radio Appearances

210607 – InterFM「MUSIClock」「Today’s Morning K-POP」 / Nagyung message translation

210608 – InterFM「MUSIClock」「Today’s Morning K-POP」 / Hayoung message translation

210609 – InterFM「MUSIClock」「Today’s Morning K-POP」 / Saerom message translation

210610 – InterFM「MUSIClock」「Today’s Morning K-POP」 / Jisun message translation

210612 – Tokai Radio「Annyeong Korea」 / fromis_9 message translation

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210615 – Hayoung, Gyuri, Jisun & Jiheon – Naver NOW Seulgi.ZIP 10 PM KST

210616 – Weekly Idol – 8 PM KST

210619 – Idol League – 8 PM KST

210620 – KCON:TACT 4 U

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