210530 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

9 Way Ticket

210525 – ‘WE GO’ on The Show

Watch Gyuri’s SEL_Flex VCR Here
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210526 – ‘WE GO’ on Show Champion

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210527 – ‘WE GO’ on M Countdown

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210528 – ‘WE GO’ on Music Bank

210529 – ‘WE GO’ on Show! Music Core

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210530 – ‘WE GO’ on Inkigayo

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210527 – ‘9 Way Ticket’ Jacket Making

210527 – ‘9 Way Ticket’ Jacket Making Photos

Source: Naver

Music Show Official Photos

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Newly Released Fancams from Previous Weeks
Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks: Inkigayo (1) (2) | M Countdown | Music Core


210524 – fromis_9 Once Again Breaks Their First Week Sales Record

Translated Excerpt:

According to Hanteo Chart, a domestic album sales aggregation website, on the 24th, fromis_9’s second single album “9 WAY TICKET,” released on the 17th, recorded 35,403 copies sold in its first week (May 17 to May 23). The album ranks third on Hanteo Chart in the third week of May.

This is significant as it surpasses the 31,815 copies sold of fromis_9’s third mini album, “My Little Society,” the most the group had sold in its first week up until now.


210524 – fromis_9 to Hold a 3rd Online Fansign Event

Off The Record Entertainment announced this Monday that fromis_9 will be holding a third online fansign event. In the same format as the previous two, fans will have to order the group’s newest album, 9 Way Ticket, on a specific Korean store to apply. Winners will be picked through a random draw.

For the event, the group will be divided into two units, W Unit (Saerom, Gyuri, Jisun, Chaeyoung and Nagyung) and T Unit (Hayoung, Jiwon, Seoyeon and Jiheon). 50 lucky winners per unit will get the chance to talk to the members for a short amount of time. Winners will also receive their album signed and exclusive pictures of the girls.

Sales for the event are running on Joeun Music online store until May 27 and winners will be announced on May 28. The event will be held on June 4 through KakaoTalk.


210525 – fromis_9 to Take Part in KCON:TACT 4 U

This Tuesday, fromis_9 was announced as part of the 3rd lineup of artists who will participate in KCON:TACT 4 U. The event will be held online from June 19 to 27.


210527 – fromis_9’s ‘WE GO’ Hits #1 On The Gaon BGM Chart

Translated Excerpt:

It was announced by the Korea Music Contents Association on the 27th, that the title track of fromis_9’s second single album 9 WAY TICKET, “WE GO,” ranked first on the BGM chart and fourth on the album chart according to Gaon Chart in the 21st week of 2021 (210516~210522).

fromis_9, which ranked first in the Gaon Chart BGM category following the real-time sound source chart, plans to continue communicating with fans through music broadcast appearances and various content activities.


210527 – fromis_9’s Japanese YouTube Channel to Be Put On Halt Starting Next Week


[💡 #fromis_9] From next week onwards, we’ll put a pause on posts on the Japanese Official YouTube Channel for a while. In addition, we plan on coming back with content that flover can enjoy, so please wait in anticipation till when the next post comes!


210528 – fromis_9’s Tops Japanese Music Chart

Translated Excerpt:

Girl group fromis_9 also topped Japanese music charts following Korea.

fromis_9’s second single album 9 WAY TICKET title track, “WE GO,” topped the Japanese music site Rakuten Music’s real-time, daily and monthly charts on the 27th.

This feat is all the more meaningful since the song proudly topped Rakuten Music’s joint chart, which includes albums by local Japanese artists as well as K-pop.


210528 – fromis_9 to Hold a 5th Regular Fansign Event

Off The Record Entertainment announced this Friday, May 28, that a fifth regular fansign event will be held by fromis_9 during 9 Way Ticket promotions.

In the same format as the previously announced fansigns, fans will have to order the group’s latest album on a specific Korean store to apply. 60 lucky winners will be picked through a random draw.

Following all the COVID-19 guidelines, each event will be divided into two parts, with no more than 30 fans allowed into the venue at the same time. Attendees will have their temperature checked, and will only be allowed entry if they have no fever, are wearing masks, and used hand sanitizer beforehand. Direct contact with the artists is forbidden and a transparent screen will be installed between artists and fans for maximum protection.

Sales for the event are running on Jump Up online store until May 30 and winners will be announced on May 31. The event will be held on June 5 at CTS Art Hall.


Official YouTube

Official Videos

210524 – ‘WE GO’ M/V Reaction

210526 – ‘9 Way Ticket’ Balance Game

210530 – ‘WE GO’ Performance Video


210525 – ‘WE GO’ Choreography Practice Behind

210528 – ‘9 WAY TICKET’ Jacket Filming Behind Part 1

Official Japanese YouTube

210527 – fromis tries! Toast Mukbang Behind –

Official YouTube Source

Official Instagram


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fromis_9 Challenge
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fromis_9 Challenge
#fromis_9 #WE_GO #WE_GO_challenge #challenge #WhatYouWhatYouWant #WachuWachu #TheShow #floverThankYouAndILoveYou

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Instagram Story Translation:

flover-yaa, I love yooooou💕💕

Instagram Story Translations:

Story 1:

When HaRom meets

Story 2:

Because we get excited

Story 3:

We do ‘WE GO’ Challenge
#WE_GO_challenge #WhatYouWhatYouWant


fromis_9 Challenge
Dara unnie..? Sunbaenim.. She’s so cute I can’t breathe.
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fromis_9 Challenge
Eunkwang sunbaenim‘s dancing is crazy!!
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fromis_9 Challenge
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How fromis_9 x hair and makeup artists play on the waiting room
#fromis_9 #WE_GO #WE_GO_challenge #challenge #WatchuWatchu #MusicBank #WaitingRoom


Today, doll version
#fromis_9 #WE_GO #WE_GO_challenge #challenge #WatchuWatchu #MusicCore

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[💌#fromis_9] A blue night where time suddenly stopped with #fromis_9 🌌
Wrap up your day with fromies💋


💌#fromis_9] A honeybee came to my house today🐝 Why? I was listening to fromis_9’s voice and it was so sweet that the honeybee thought it was its house! Did you enjoy listening to the sweet #Super_K_Pop? 🍯


[💌#fromis_9] Our fromies will live well even without water… because they are perfect⭐ Did you enjoy listening to #MidnightIdol that was perfect from the talk to the wit? Have a fun night together with fromis🌛

Note: Click here to watch fromis_9 on Naver NOW Ha Sungwoon’s Midnight Idol Radio.


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! An <FM_1.24> notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST


[💌#fromis_9] I’ll need to learn how to swim because of fromies🥺 Because I can’t get out of our fromies’ stages🥳
Did you enjoy the cool and refreshing #WE_GO stage? With #fromis_9 for the rest of the day, WE GO!✈️


[#Jisun] flovers! Have a good night’s sleep🧚🏻‍♂️

🎵 Sung Si Kyung – With my heart

🎵 Jax – Ring Pop


[💌#fromis_9] Emoticon Collection.zip
Through flovers’ joys and sorrows💓 let’s always be together with #fromis_9 !🥳

#fromis_9 #9_WAY_TICKET

210526 – fromis_9 Emoticon Facebook Photo Set

Source: fromis_9’s Facebook


[💌#fromis_9] I think fromis should take the “eu” out of “beautiful”
Because they’re beautiful every day for no reason⭐️ I heard that you don’t need aircon even in the summer if you listen to fromis_9? Because they’re so refreshing and cool🌊

Note: Reading the letters separately, “e” followed by “u” sounds like “이유,” Korean for “reason”.





[💌#fromis_9] 6 days a week is not enough… I’m losing my voice but fromies are waiting…💕


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[💌#fromis_9] Did you enjoy the Dingo mafia game full of idol skills?
Have en enjoyable night with our fromies’ Dingo mafia that is a guarantee of great fun🥳


[#Jisun] Did you enjoy Music Core?
Besides Music Core, a lot of videos came out here and there today, right?
But don’t stay up late watching them, byyye😶‍🌫️

🎵 Justin Bieber – Name (Feat. Tori Kelly)


[💌#fromis_9] fromis is so pretty that I cried and used the tears to jump rope😂
Spend a fun Sunday evening together with fromis💕


[💌#fromis_9] #fromis_9 ‘s gift 🎁
How was the special choreography video that fromis prepared especially for flover~? ☘
Have a happy Sunday night💕


210528 – Do you want to come see us~♥ WE GO WE GO🛩

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)

Weibo & Douyin


210524 – Day6’s Kiss the Radio Update with fromis_9

Sources: (1) (2) (3)

210526 – Unboxing fromis_9 ‘9 WAY TICKET’ Album💿 [Mwave]

210527 – This is how fromis_9 Signed ‘9 WAY TICKET’ albums [Mwave]

210524 – Super K-pop [Arirang Radio]

210524 – 🏖 #fromis_9 ‘WE GO’ ✈ Choreography Shorts [Arirang Radio]

210524 – Super K-pop Update with fromis_9

Sources: (1) (2)

210525 – M Countdown Ep. 711 Teaser [Mnet K-pop]

210526 – Show Champion Ending Pose Spoilers [ALL THE K-POP]

Note: Embedded is a playlist with a video for each member.

210526 – Show Champion Ep. 395 | Picking the Ending Fairy [ALL THE K-POP]

210526 – I, Simmon… Succeeded in Life🤭 (feat. Baek Jiheon) #fromis_9 #shorts #SOPA [Simmon]

210527 – OH MY GIRL – Nonstop | MCD DANCE CHALLENGE [M Countdown]

210527 – ❌We’re Not Weird Kids❌ㅣfromis_9 Rumor Offisherlock [Fact iN Star]

210528 – Of fromis, by fromis, for fromis, Everything About fromis_9😉ㅣfromis_9 Real Character’s Taste Update [Fact iN Star]

Fact iN Star Updates with fromis_9

Sources: (1) (2) (3) (4)


Nagyung is so lovely!!🥰
By any chance,, are you a lovely fairy?ㅠㅠ

#KPOP #THEKPOP #THESHOW #fromis_9 #LeeNagyung #WE_GO @realfromis_9

210528 – fromis_9 “WE GO” Thumbnail Competition | ThumbThumbThumb [Mnet]


When the night comes on DGG, “WE GO” plays and fromis_9 raises their heads🕶
What did fromis_9, the group rich in K-pop concepts, come to film with DGG??🤭 @realfromis_9

💜If you’re curious, visit dingo global (DGG) on May 29 (Saturday) at 7 PM KST💜

#fromis_9 #WE_GO #dingoglobal #DGG #dingo

210529 – 😥fromis_9 Who Shed Real Tears Playing Mafia Game😥ㅣMafia Danceㅣfromis_9 “WE GO” [dingo global DGG]


K-pop legends to watch again #RelayDanceAgain

📌 May 29 (Sat) 9 PM KST🕘
📌 Genie
📌 Cover by @realfromis_9

210529 – fromis_9 – Genie (Original song by. Girls’ Generation) | Relay Dance Again [M2]


Went on a fun trip with #fromis_9 at #HaSungwoon ‘s #MidnightIdol ☁ There was no dull moment in the audio, not even for a second. Cutie time✨ #LeeSaerom #SongHayoung #JangGyuri #ParkJiwon #RohJisun #LeeSeoyeon #LeeChaeyoung #LeeNagyung #BaekJiheon ✨ After it ended, Sungwoon excitingly filmed #WE_GO_challenge then went home👋 We’ll support your promotions! #NOWonAir

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210531 – Arirang Simply K-Pop CON-TOUR at Vietnam – 7 PM KST


210601 – SBS Power FM Choi Hwajeong’s Power Time – 1 PM KST

210604 – 3rd Online Fansign – 7:30 PM KST

210604 – Naver NOW Studio MoonNight – 9 PM KST

210605 – 5th Regular Fansign – 6 PM KST

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