210523 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

9 Way Ticket

210517 – ‘WE GO’ M/V

210518 – ‘WE GO’ M/V Making

210518 – ‘WE GO’ M/V Shooting Behind Photos

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210520 – ‘WE GO’ on M Countdown

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210522- ‘WE GO’ on Show! Music Core

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210523- ‘WE GO’ on Inkigayo

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Music Show Official Photos

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210517 – fromis_9 Talks About Their Long-Awaited Comeback in Interview

Soompi Translation:

fromis_9 recently made their comeback with their second single album “9 Way Ticket”!

This is fromis_9’s first comeback since the mini album “My Little Society” in September 2020. Asked about making their first comeback in eight months, Jang Gyu Ri said, “I’m excited and can’t wait to stand on stage for the first time in a while. We’re always half-worried, half-excited when we release a new album, but I think our feelings of excitement were bigger this time.”

Lee Seo Yeon said, “We’re really grateful to Flover [fandom name] for waiting for us for a long time. We worked hard to prepare something cool in order to reward them, so I hope they’re looking forward to it!”

The concept of “9 Way Ticket” and its title track, “WE GO,” is “virtual travel,” a relevant theme in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Lee Sae Rom said, “I think that everyone feels frustrated about not being able to travel. I hope that when people listen to our album or watch our performance, they can relieve some of that frustration by remembering the feelings of excitement and freedom before leaving for a trip or when on a trip.”

Roh Ji Sun said, “When we were shooting the jacket photos, we went around Seoul and shot in various diverse places. We also tried to showcase a lot of travel locations in the music video. I hope that people will be able to travel vicariously through our comeback.”

Park Ji Won added, “When I first heard the title track, I felt a smile coming to my face. It felt like someone was telling me, ‘Have strength,’ and ‘I’ll go with you.’ I hope that people will remember this as an album that makes them feel good and feels like a message of support and cheer.”

Song Ha Young said, “It’s about one or two in the afternoon now and the weather is good. I recommend the album for when you have no appointments and you feel too lazy to go out or make any appointments and you’re just at home lazing around. I think that it would be good to listen to the album and imagine the kind of trip you want to go on!”

Lee Na Gyung added, “Since it’s a difficult time for everyone, I hope that this will become a healing album that people can gain a bit of comfort from.”

As a message to fans, Lee Chae Young said, “We’re back in the summer this time! It’s been a while since we did a summer comeback. This summer will be hot and tiring, but let’s take strength from each other. Since Flover is with us, I’m not worried about this comeback at all.”

Baek Ji Heon added, “There’s a lot of regret about not being able to perform directly in front of fans for this comeback either but we will do our best to make our energy reach you through the screen.”

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210517 – fromis_9 Re-Opens Their Homepage

fromis_9’s official website was re-opened on May 17. Their homepage, now up to date with the group’s latest comeback, can be accessed on fromisnine.com.


210517 – fromis_9 to Hold a 2nd Online Fansign Event

Off The Record Entertainment announced this Monday that fromis_9 will be holding a second online fansign event. In the same format as the previous one, fans will have to order the group’s newest album, 9 Way Ticket, on a specific Korean store to apply. Winners will be picked through a random draw.

For the event, the group will be divided into two units, W Unit (Saerom, Gyuri, Jisun, Chaeyoung and Nagyung) and T Unit (Hayoung, Jiwon, Seoyeon and Jiheon). 50 lucky winners per unit will get the chance to talk to the members for a short amount of time. Winners will also receive their album signed and exclusive pictures of the girls.

Sales for the event are running on BeatRoad online store until May 19 and winners will be announced on May 20. The event will be held on May 28 through KakaoTalk.


210517 – “WE GO” Hits #1 on Real-Time Chart

Translated Excerpt:

The title track of fromis_9’s second single album, “9 WAY TICKET”, released at 6 PM on the 17th, showed its potential by reaching 1st on Bugs’ real-time chart and 4th on Genie immediately after the release of the song.

In addition, “Airplane Mode” and “Promise” ranked 4th and 5th on Bugs, respectively, while fromis_9’s previous songs, “Feel Good” and “Love Bomb”, also re-entered the chart on 6th and 7th places.


210518 – fromis_9 Hits #1 On iTunes K-pop Song Chart

Translated Excerpt:

According to iTunes, the global music streaming platform, on the 18th the song “Airplane Mode” from fromis_9’s second single album “9 WAY TICKET” topped the K-pop song charts in Colombia, Austria, and Ireland. In addition, it entered the top 10 in 12 regional charts, including Hong Kong’s second place, Britain and Malaysia’s third, Canada, Germany and Italy’s fourth, Singapore’s fifth, Taiwan’s sixth, and Indonesia’s seventh. The title track, “WE GO,” is also receiving a hot response by entering the TOP 10 in five regions, including Malaysia’s fourth place, Canada’s fifth place, Taiwan’s eighth place, and Hong Kong’s ninth place.

With fromis_9’s comeback, their previous albums and songs are also drawing attention. fromis_9’s third mini album “My Little Society,” released in September of last year, rebounded to No. 1 on Colombia’s iTunes album chart.


210519 – fromis_9 to Hold a 3rd Regular Fansign Event

Off The Record Entertainment announced this Wednesday, May 19, that a third regular fansign event will be held by fromis_9 during 9 Way Ticket promotions.

In the same format as the previously announced fansigns, fans will have to order the group’s latest album on a specific Korean store to apply. 60 lucky winners will be picked through a random draw.

Following all the COVID-19 guidelines, each event will be divided into two parts, with no more than 30 fans allowed into the venue at the same time. Attendees will have their temperature checked, and will only be allowed entry if they have no fever, are wearing masks, and used hand sanitizer beforehand. Direct contact with the artists is forbidden and a transparent screen will be installed between artists and fans for maximum protection.

Sales for the event are running on HotTracks online store until May 21 and winners will be announced on May 22. The event will be held on May 29 at Roun Hall in Mok-dong.


A fourth event will be held on May 30 at Kobako Hall in Mok-dong. Sales are running on MusicPlant until May 23 and winners will be announced on May 24.

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Official YouTube

Official Videos

210518 – ‘WE GO’ Fanchant (flover☘️ for 1 Day Ver.)

210521 – ‘WE GO’ Choreography Video


FM_1.24 Special

210519 – Where Have You Been? Part 1

210522 – Where Have You Been? Part 2

Official Japanese YouTube

210517 – 9 WAY TICKET Album Introduction

No English subtitles available

210520 – fromis tries! Toast Mukbang

Official YouTube Source

Official Instagram

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fromis_9 Challenge
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#WhatYouWhatYouWant #WhatYouWhatYou

Individual Instagram


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[💡#fromis_9] #TwitterBlueroom LIVE❣

Now #WE_GO with #fromis_9😘
Are there any flovers going on an online trip with fromies?😎💖



[💡#fromis_9] fromis_9’s The 2nd Single Album ‘9 WAY TICKET’ has been released. Please show it a lot of love and interest!


Note: Listen to 9 WAY TICKET on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music!


Today, May 17th (Mon) in Korea, The 2nd Single Album ‘9 WAY TICKET’ has been released!
To celebrate the release, here is a video from fromis_9’s official Japanese account!
Your support will be appreciated!



Digital distribution of The 2nd Single Album ‘9 WAY TICKET’ has started!

In commemoration of the distribution, Rakuten Music and Dwango JP will also start a signed poster gift campaign!
Please listen to it a lot🎵


Note: The campaign is available exclusively on Japanese music platforms.


[💌#fromis_9] How was #Hanbam with fromis, who just by looking at them makes you feel refreshed? Have a refreshing and cool night like fromis🤟🏻


Details of The 2nd Single Album ‘9 WAY TICKET’ with original Japanese benefits have been released🎟️
Tomorrow, May 19th (Wed), at 12:00, sales will start at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE!
For more information, please visit the special website✈️



Note: Shipping is only available within Japan.
Click here to read the translated details.


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[💌#fromis_9] #WE_GO 1st broadcast!
If there was a Nobel prize for idols, our fromies would get 1st place🤗
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[💌#fromis_9] A gift from #fromis_9 🎁
For you, flovers! For a great stage! Please cheer for fromies, who are practicing hard💕


[💌#fromis_9] I wish our fromies would put their baggage down a little… Cool.ness…★
Did you enjoy fromies’ cool and cute relay dance?

Translator’s Note: The Korean syllable for “baggage” is also seen in the word “coolness,” hence the play on words.


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding-Dong! An <FM_1.24 Special> notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 6 PM KST💕


[💌#fromis_9] I think fromies have a talent for reggae⭐️
Because they make our hearts flutter❣️ #fromis_9 ‘s stages will make flovers excited every day! Please look forward to them!

Translator’s Note: The syllables that compose the word “reggae” in Korean are also part of the word “flutter”. Another play on words by OTR.


[💌#fromis_9] Healing camp🎶 with Bbiyongz🐹🐰🐿
Did you all enjoy the healing camp~? 🤗 Enjoy your weekend with Bbiyongz leisurely and happy camping☘️


[💌#fromis_9] I heard chocolate companies went bankrupt because of our fromies…
Because they’re too sweet ❤ Did you enjoy Youngstreet with Jiwon & Chaeyoung & Nagyung?
Let’s end the day with Jiwon & Chaeyoung & Nagyung’s Youngstreet Radio ☘

Note: Click here to listen to fromis_9’s cut of SBS Radio’s Youngstreet.


[#Jisun] You can see the not squished me on Inkigayo stage! 😀Heh


[💌#fromis_9] fromis stage today was so pretty that I was kungkung! Jumping around at home and now my home became the basement parking lot😘
#fromis_9’s performance breaks the Earth! Breaks the universe!💪


210520 – WE GO! WE GO! fromis_9 is here! 🛩

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)


210517 – WE GO | ONE CAM DANCE | Never Stop Being A Fan [HANBAM]

210517 – fromis_9’s Maknae promoted as a Reporter(?) | Never Stop Being A Fan Pre-Release [HANBAM]

210518 – What is this situation? flover WE GO right now💖 | Never Stop Being A Fan EP.24 [HANBAM]

210518 – fromis_9’s Song Hayoung Personal Talent Lecture (Please Copy Me) #shorts [Yoo Jae Pil Reporter]

No English subtitles available

210517 – Yoo Jae Pil Update with fromis_9

Source: Yoo Jae Pil’s Twitter

210518 – fromis_9’s Workshop Experience Behind Cut Part 2

Source: Naver Post


[Idol League] fromis_9
TMI, questions, songs, etc.
Leave us questions or something that you want to see❣️
fromis_9 will do it for you🥰
We look forward to your participation💜

Link 👉 naver.me/xOCYgRFw
Period: ~ May 21 (Friday)


210520 – Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon ft. Gyuri and Nagyung [MBC FM4U]

No English subtitles available

210520 – MBC Radio Update with Gyuri and Nagyung

210521 – On the Way to Work ft. Gyuri and Nagyung [MBC FM4U]

No English subtitles available

210522 – ‘WE GO’ Close-Up Cam ft. Nagyung [MBC FM4U]

No English subtitles available

210521 – Mwave Update with fromis_9

Source: Mwave’s Facebook

Note: 9 Way Ticket albums signed by one random member are available on Mwave until May 30. Click here to get yours!

210521 – ‘WE GO’ Relay Dance [M2]

210522 – SBS Radio Youngstreet update with Jiwon, Chaeyoung and Nagyung

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210523 – WJSN THE BLACK ‘So Easy’ Challenge with Hayoung and Gyuri [TikTok]

Click image to be redirected to TikTok

210523 – Day6’s Kiss The Radio [KBS Cool FM]

‘WE GO’ Live Performance Cut
Yumeiro Patissiere Dance Cut

210523 – fromis_9 Dancing to a Cute Song💕 (ft. Penalty Video & Tadpole Song) on Day6’s Kiss The Radio [KBS Cool FM]

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210524 – Arirang Radio Super K-pop – 4 PM KST

210524 – Naver NOW Ha Sungwoon’s Midnight Idol Radio – 10 PM KST

210525 – SBS MTV The Show – 6 PM KST

210527 – Fact iN Star Season 2 Part 1 – 10 PM KST

210528 – 2nd Online Fansign – 8 PM KST

210528 – Fact iN Star Season 2 Part 2 – 10 PM KST

210529 – 3rd Regular Fansign – 6 PM KST

210530 – 4th Regular Fansign – 6:30 PM KST

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