210509 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

9 Way Ticket

210504 – 9 Way Ticket Album Packaging Preview

Source: fromis_9’s Official Fancafe
Note: The first picture shows information about both CD versions of the album. The second picture covers only the Air-Kit version.

Click here to buy your copy signed by 1 random member!

9 Way Ticket Individual Teasers ‘TICKET TO SEOUL’ Ver.

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210507 – ‘9 WAY TICKET’ Concept Film ‘TICKET TO SEOUL’ Ver.

9 Way Ticket Individual Teasers ‘9 TRAVELERS’ Ver.

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Recommend a travel destination, delicious food, good memories, etc. to #fromis_9 with the hashtag <#Travel_with_fromis_9>💌

On May 17, 5 PM KST, fromis_9 will read it on #TwitterBlueroom💖



[💌#fromis_9] D-9
fromis_9 ✈️ flover (Voice Message)

#fromis_9 #Jiheon

Jiheon’s Voice Message Translation:

Hi, it’s Jiheon.
Finally, our comeback is only 9 days away. With that in mind, I’m the first in order to leave this voice message.
As much as our flovers have waited for us, we have also worked really hard to prepare this album. I hope our flovers like it a lot.
So, in 9 days, I will step on the stage as fromis_9. Have a happy day today and let’s meet in 9 days.


[💌#fromis_9] D-8
fromis_9 ✈️ flover (Voice Message)

#fromis_9 #Nagyung

Nagyung’s Voice Message Translation:

Today is 8 days until the album comes out. There’s 1 week and 1 day left. I don’t know why the time seems to not pass…
Nonetheless, since we have really prepared hard for it, I hope you listen to it a lot. From the title track to the b-sides, they are all really really good songs, so I hope you’ll give it lots of love.


210504 – fromis_9 to Hold an Online Fansign Event

Succeeding the news of 9 Way Ticket, fromis_9’s 2nd single album to be released on May 17, Off The Record Entertainment announced an online fansign event will be held during the album’s promotions.

Following a similar format as My Little Society online fansigns, fans will have to pre-order the group’s upcoming album on a specific Korean store to apply. Winners will be picked through a random draw.

For the event, the group will be divided into two units, W Unit (Saerom, Gyuri, Jisun, Chaeyoung and Nagyung) and T Unit (Hayoung, Jiwon, Seoyeon and Jiheon). 50 lucky winners per unit will get the chance to talk to the members for a short amount of time. Winners will also receive their album signed and exclusive pictures of the girls.

Sales for the event are running on Apple Music online store until May 16. Winners will be announced on May 18. The event will be held on May 21 through KakaoTalk.


210504 – OTR Announces Two fromis_9 Regular Fansign Events

After a long wait, fromis_9 will finally be able to meet flovers in person once again. Off The Record Entertainment announced this Tuesday, May 4, that two regular fansign events will be held during 9 Way Ticket promotions.

Just as the online fansign, fans will have to pre-order the group’s upcoming album on specific Korean stores to apply. 60 lucky winners per event will be picked through a random draw.

Following all the COVID-19 guidelines, each event will be divided into two parts, with no more than 30 fans allowed into the venue at the same time. Attendees will have their temperature checked, and will only be allowed entry if they have no fever, are wearing masks, and used hand sanitizer beforehand. Direct contact with the artists is forbidden and a transparent screen will be installed between artists and fans for maximum protection.

Sales for the first event are running on Synnara Record online store until May 16. Winners will be announced on May 18. The event will be held on May 22 at ET Land Electronics Land Hall in Yongsan.

Sales for the second event are running on Aladin online store until May 16. Winners will be announced on May 18. The event will be held on May 23 at Kobako Hall in Mok-dong.

Sources: (1) (2)

210506 – fromis_9’s Pilates S Magazine Pictorial and Interview

“The group fromis_9, who confirmed their comeback after 8 months with ‘9 WAY TICKET’ on the 17th, decorated the cover of the May issue of the magazine <Pilates S>.

fromis_9’s members Lee Saerom, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Roh Jisun, and Lee Seoyeon, who participated in this pictorial, show the image of energetic girls preparing to jump from the refreshing azure tennis court on a sunny day with the concept of ‘Jump Into Spring’.

As the pictorial concept was ‘Tennis’, questions about exercise and wellness lifestyle were not missed. Regarding whether she usually likes exercise, member Lee Saerom said, “I think it’s been 3-4 years since I learned Pilates with the members after debut. I like to do stretching-oriented movements, so I am doing it consistently.”

Regarding whether she has her own daily routine to maintain health, member Park Jiwon said, “I drink 4~5L of water a day”, adding, “I don’t eat nutritional supplements or rice all the time, but I think it’s all thanks to water when I see that I don’t have any diseases.”

In addition, member Roh Jisun said, “What I pay most attention to recently is how to organize and eat nutrients and keep my heart healthy.” “After 40 minutes of interval training to increase lung capacity, I walk for about an hour at medium intensity so that my heart rate stays at around 140,” she said.

We asked each member if there were any fromis_9 songs that could be refreshing when going from spring to summer, and member Roh Jisun said, “Our new song is just right.” She also said “especially the first track” was her taste. Subsequently, Lee Saerom smiled coolly, saying, “How about going on a binge?”

When asked if there is anything she wants to achieve within this year, member Lee Seoyeon said, “It’s been a long time since we had a comeback and it’s a good thing to be able to work as a whole with 9 people, so I hope everyone does not get sick and finishes the promotions well,” concluding the interview nicely.

The May issue pictorials and interviews with fromis_9’s Lee Saerom, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Roh Jisun, and Lee Seoyeon will be published in 16 pages, and are currently at pre-sale on online bookstores such as Yes24, Aladin, and Interpark.”

Read the full translated interview here!


Official Japanese YouTube

210506 – Teach Me! fromiSensei (Cleansing & Skin Care)

Official YouTube Source

Official Instagram


#REPOST @pilates_s_mag

🔔Please follow our official account, <Pilates S> magazine! We will share the link of an online bookstore to make you guys get the May issue of <Pilates S> magazine. It has 🧡LEE SAE ROM💛JANG GYU RI💜PARK JI WON❤ROH JI SUN💚LEE SEO YEON💙 stories in 16 pages! Of course, you can’t miss how lovely they are as our cover models of the May issue of <Pilates S> magazine.
Enjoy the teaser videos and plz look forward to seeing them really soon!!
We welcome any comments on how excited you are!🔔
See ya👍

Individual Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


Source: Nagyung’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram



[#Jisun] I’ll just leave a photo of a somewhere around 5 years old and a 19-20 years old Jisun and go🤪

Seoyeon’s Comment:

[#Seoyeon] Seems like it was taken yesterday..

Chaeyoung’s Comment:

[#Chaeyoung] Oh dear… You’re so cute I can just take one bite and omnomnomnom

Jisun’s Reply to Chaeyoung:

[#Jisun] What do you mean cute? I’m a “hot baby” enjoying the sun in a Barbie bikini🥴


[#Jiheon] My dad’s silliness🚨
#ChildrensDay #StillAChild

Follow-Up Tweet:

[#Jiheon] Bonus😝

Chaeyoung’s Comment:

[#Chaeyoung] Oh dear… ㅠㅠㅠㅠUnnie diedㅠㅠㅠㅠ Where in the world will you find a baby smiling this beautifullyㅠㅠㅠ

Note: “ㅠ” is a Korean letter often used as a crying emote.

Jisun’s Comment:

[#Jisun] You should come here in Chaengie’s mouth as well and let her omnomnomnom you, Jiheonie


As expected! For a comeback, it got to be oatmeal

#fromisIsHere 😝


[#Seoyeon] Wait for it, I’m comiiiiiing!

#9_WAY_TICKET #Coming_soon #🎫


[#Chaeyoung] Who was it that made me look this pretty ㅠㅠ


210506 – ❤️

Jiheon voice only V LIVE (Direct Link)

210509 – 5959

Hayoung and Gyuri V LIVE (Direct Link)


210503 – Girl Group ‘Lower Body Workout Routine’! You Have to Work Out Your Lower Body to Lose Weight ft. Jisun [FITVELY]

210504 – Pilates S Magazine ft. Saerom, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun and Seoyeon

Sources: (1) (2) (3)

210506 – Pilates S Magazine IGTV ft. Saerom, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun and Seoyeon

Note: Click here to watch the clip with English subtitles.


[FactiNStar] #fromis_9 will soon sprinkle fairy powder 🧚 and #fromies will appear💓
A survey prepared for fromis_9’s comeback

✨Summoning flovers✨
📂Inside the link: naver.me/FZJEwkpX

🍀Answers to this survey will only be used for @realfromis_9 ‘s broadcast

Questions Translation:

1. TMI Digging Up Dream – From the TMI of fromis that only flovers knew to the TMI of fromis that flovers are curious about!
2. Favorite Song Selection Dream – flovers’ three favorite songs
3. Make Up Your Mind Dream – fromis_9 ver. taste debate. Receive a topic for a debate

English Subtitles Now Available

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