210418 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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210417 – fromis_9 – [VLOG] Baek Jiheon(SOPA 03) Getting Ready For School


210413 – fromisoda #17

210414 – fromisoda #18

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210415 – Special Clip – Teach Me! fromiSensei! New Korean Slang Behind –

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Our lovely and precious maknae. Heon-ah, happy birthday! It’s already your last birthday as a teenager, it’s really sad, baby🥲
Nonetheless, you’ll always be a baby in my eyes. Please stay as a cheerful baby next to your unnies for a long time🥰💐

#Saerom #Jiheon

Jiheon’s Comment:

A.. ba.. baby.. you say.. My age.. it’s already.. hehe it’s embarrassing😝 Thank youuu❤


To our most precious and lovely maknae in the world who is celebrating her last year as a teenager, happy happy birthday💜💜
Always stay together with us like the eternally pretty and cutie maknaengie you currently are
I’ll overflow you with lots of love, makdoong-ah😘

#Jiwon #Jiheon

Jiheon’s Comments (1) (2):

💛Thank you, unnie💛

I was really surprised😆 I’m touched🤍

Jiwon’s Reply:

But even looking again at the cake, it’s so funny. Let’s take life easy~


Since it’s makdaengie‘s birthday, have meat, have cake, have seaweed soup, have unnies’ love, have flovers’ love, have it all♥️

#Hayoung #Jiheon

Jiheon’s Comment:

The seaweed soup was so delicious🥘

Nagyung’s Comment:

Ah, for real, so cute hahahaha


I miss our flovers so so so very much. Have a warm end to your weekend💐

#Saerom #Nao #FeelsLike #cover

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To our one and only precious milk-like makdoongie, happy happy birthday! Why is our maknae so lovely???!!! Thank you and I love you always♥ From now on, please take care of our maknae

Jiheon’s Comment:

Hehehe thank you❤


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Last year’s photo📷



[#fromis_9 🎉] 210417
Today is Honey Day
#fromis_9 #BaekJiheon


[#fromis_9 🎉]
0417 Jiheon O’clock
A little present from today’s birthday girl to flovers 🎁
#fromis_9 #BaekJiheon

210417 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIHEON Facebook Photo Set

Source: fromis_9’s Facebook


[💌#fromis_9] #EncouragementTrain group photo 📸
A special time with the Navy 2nd Fleet 💕
Thank you for perfectly completing your mission to ensure the safety and peace of the country!


[#Jisun] Soon-to-be 2 meters maknae, happy birthday🎡🎈🧸

Jiheon’s Reply:

[#Jiheon] hahahaha, I love you girl🧡


[#Chaeyoung] The last one is Kwaeng!!!!! Makding-ah, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay💕💕

Jiheon’s Reply:

[#Jiheon] Thank youuuuuuuuuuu, unnie💙


[#Jiheon] Choreography practice video from last year


210412 – Chatting On Rainy Days🌧

Jiwon and Chaeyoung V LIVE (Direct Link)
Click here to watch the first part of the V LIVE

210412 – Chatting On Rainy Days🌧 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] Do you know the story of the tortoise 🐢 and the hare 🐇?
The reason why the hare 🐰 was late was not because it slept, but because it was watching Jiwon and Chaeyoung’s V LIVE💕

flovers! Was it fun chatting on a rainy day?

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST

210417 – 🎂🐻

Jiheon V LIVE ft. phone call from Seoyeon and Chaeyoung (Direct Link)
Click here to watch the first part of the V LIVE

210417 – 🎂🐻 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌fromis_9] Is our Jiheon seriously gonna be like this?😣
Being really pretty, cute and beautiful. You’re going to do be all of those?🥰
I heard it’s an established theory in the academic world that since Jiheon shines so brightly✨, one has to wear sunglasses🕶 to see Jiheon?
To our Jiheon who is close to perfection, thank you for being born❣

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST



210414 – fromis_9 Jisun’s Oven-Baked Donut 🍩 [EBS The Best Cooking Secrets]

No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210419 – Hayoung, Gyuri and Nagyung – Naver NOW Agit – 8 PM KST

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