210404 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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210402 – Perfume Workshop Experience!


210331 – fromisoda #12

210401 – fromisoda #13

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210329 – Instagram Story Update

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[💌#fromis_9] <2021 Wallpaper>
Mysterious April together with #Saerom 🍃


[#Jisun] The best recipe has been announced on YouTube:)
The filming where I ended up getting into baking again was really fun!

It would be good for your heart if you ended the day listening to this song:)
I’m uploading this and going~ Wrap up your day well bye!


🎵 Kyuhyun – And We


flover🌸Hi, it’s Hayoung
I’ve missed you🥺 Spring is here
I’m feeling great thanks to the great weather☺️✨
flover, have a beautiful day together with the cherry blossoms
We’re still working hard every day
I like you, flover



[#Nagyung] Today!
Good night, flover-❤


[🛎#fromis_9] Ding Dong! An <FM_1.24 Special> notice has arrived! See you tonight, at 9 PM KST💕


[#Jisun] It’s chilly. Maybe it’s because the rain stopped?
But having clean air and a pretty sky for the first time in a while makes me feel good
Now, I’m gonna just not think about anything while listening to music and wait for tomorrow to come… Monday.. Monday.. Monday..


🎵 Lee Changsub – At The End


210330 – 📢 Urgent Meeting! Gather!

fromis_9 V LIVE (Direct Link)
Click here to watch the first part of the V LIVE

210401 – 📢 Urgent Meeting! Gather! V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] It’s fromis’ fault!
Because they’re so cute, I hit my head on the wall every day and now my apartment has become a one-room apartment
I couldn’t stop myself, so I kept hitting the walls and now the wall to next door collapsed and I had to say hi to my neighbors : )

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST


210329 – Crazy Recipe Adventure behind vlog ft. Jisun [JIGI TV]

The video is timestamped to Jisun’s appearance
No English subtitles available


Roh Janggeum, recognized even by #BaekJongwon?!🍽
#fromis_9 ‘s #RohJisun received five golden axes🪓

<#CrazyRecipeAdventure> ☁Friday night, at 8:45 PM KST☁
#SeoJanghoon #KimJongkook #SungSikyung #HaHa @realfromis_9 MBC20210326 Broadcast

Note: Jisun’s appearance on Crazy Recipe Adventure can be found with English subtitles on last week’s recap.

210331 – fromis_9 Jisun’s 🍓Strawberry Bottle Cake🍓 [EBS The Best Cooking Secrets]

No English subtitles available


fromis_9’s Roh Janggeum Jisun❤ who dropped by EBS The Best Cooking Secrets
What can’t you do~?

A sweet The Best Cooking Secrets workshop together with Jisun, a famous chef from the idol world🍭🍓

Right now
Come visit The Best Cooking Secrets YouTube channel💜

#EBS #TheBestCookingSecrets #TheBestCookingSecretsWorkshop #fromis_9 #Jisun #Jissen #RohJanggeum #Dessert #Cooking #YouTube #fromis9 #Cake #Strawberry #BottleCake

210401 – Feel Good, Love Bomb and DKDK @ On-Tact Encouragement Train [National Defense TV]

Click image to watch fromis_9’s cut
No English subtitles available

English Subtitles Now Available

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