210321 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


210315 – fromis_9 To Perform for the Korean Military in April

Korea’s National Defense TV announced this Monday, March 15, that fromis_9 will perform on their “Encouragement Train” program, which will air to the military on April 1st at 7 PM KST. The stage will be set in Gapyeong, a county in the Gyeonggi Province.

At first, the performance will have its access limited to the Korean military. Members of the general public can watch the recording of fromis_9’s stage starting from Saturday, April 24, at 8 PM KST on National Defense TV.

Brave Girls and After School’s Raina will also take part in the event.


210318 – fromis_9’s Weekly Japanese YouTube Video to Not Be Released Next Week


“[💡#fromis_9] Next Thursday, our official Japanese YouTube channel and Twitter will not be updated. We apologize to all flovers who anticipate it every Thursday, but let’s meet next time in April!”


Official YouTube


210316 – fromisoda #8

210318 – fromisoda #9

Official Japanese YouTube

210318 – Teach Me! fromiSensei! (Korean Practical Course)

Official YouTube source
Note: This video is a compilation of two previously released “Teach Me! fromiSensei!” episodes.

Official Instagram


Tonight at 10:30 PM KST!! Watch Phantom Singer live on JTBC!!
To be honest, I’m crying again..
For real, focus on each one of the stages and prepare to feel moved!!!

#Hayoung #PhantomSinger


To Jyeoni whom I love, I wish you a happy birthday with my whole heart, thank you for being by my side🥰

#Saerom #Jiwon


It was a happy 24th birthday! Just like a spring day, I also had a warm day thanks to flovers. The wishes and love I received from flovers today is the best present💛
Also, thank you to the precious members, staff, and friends! Lastly, my beloved family! Mom and dad, thank you for giving birth to the beautiful and healthy me. I love you💛


Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


To our beautiful Geonie, happy birthday♥️ I’m always laughing thanks to you Let’s never get tired and look towards the future And keep singing to me with your honey-like voice I’m so grateful you were born, I love you♥️

#TheGoldenPhotosOfGeonieInMyPhone #JiwonBirthday #3.20


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram



[💌#fromis_9] #PhantomSinger All-Star cheering squad 💕
fromis_night 🌛 together with #Hayoung 🍑 #Gyuri 🍊 and various music ♩♪♩♬


[💌#fromis_9] Today’s #ZzinGyuri and #ZzinHayoung appearance!
Human vitamins #Hayoung 🍑 and #Gyuri 🍊
So fruity! Let’s do our best together for the rest of the day too! 💪


Jiwon listening to music🎶



[#Jisun] Is it already Friday after one more night passes?👀


🎵 Sylo Nozra – Ginny


[#fromis_9🎉] 210320
Today is Jyeoni Day
#fromis_9 #ParkJiwon


[#Jisun] It’s her birthday, so I wanted to show you some more clean pics of Jiwon.
Happy Birthday, my friend 😹



[#Saerom] To Jyeoni whom I love, I wish you a happy birthday with my whole heart, thank you for being by my side🥰



[#Nagyung] Happy Jyeoni Day💜



[#Chaeyoung] Geon-ah happy birthdayyyayyayyayyayyayy
I love youuuuouououououuu



[#fromis_9 🎉] 0320 Jiwon O’clock
A little present from today’s birthday girl to flovers 🎁
#fromis_9 #ParkJiwon

210320 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIWON Facebook Photo Set

Source: fromis_9’s Facebook


210316 – Tuesday Night 🐻🌙

Hayoung V LIVE (Direct Link)

210317 – 🌸

Jiheon V LIVE ft. Hayoung’s brief phone call (Direct Link)

210317 – 🌸 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] Our Jiheon’s face is the welfare, future and direction of our country
Who said that our country has a lack of resources…?
Our Jiheon’s face is already a diamond…

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST

210319 – 0319Friday🌙

Saerom, Jiwon and Jisun V LIVE ft. Chaeyoung as mera unnie (Direct Link)

210320 – Jyeon’s Birthday🎉🎂

Jiwon V LIVE ft. Hayoung and a phone call from Jiheon (Direct Link)

210320 – Jyeon’s Birthday🎉🎂 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] I went to the ophthalmologist because of Jiwon. Except for Jiwon, everything looks dark.
Of beryllium (Be), gold (Au), and titanium (Ti), our Jiwon is so (full), isn’t she..?
Because her existence itself is Beautiful★

Click image to be redirected to V LIVE POST



210315 – Studio MoonNight Jiwon Cut [Naver NOW]

Note: Jiwon had won the chance to choose a song to play on Studio MoonNight when she featured on the show with Saerom and Hayoung on 210226.

210316 – Phantom Singer All-Star Ep. 8 with Hayoung and Gyuri [JTBC]

Click image to watch Hayoung and Gyuri’s cut
No English subtitles available

210317 – ZZIN Kyung Kyu Ep. 29 with Hayoung and Gyuri [KakaoTV]

Click here to watch the full episode (contains extra footage of Hayoung and Gyuri)
No English subtitles available


I worked out with a senior idol😆✨
I met her during a shooting and we became close
A senior female idol that is more serious about exercising than any fitness freak🤭

It was a very very fun shooting!!
fromis_9 Roh Jisun senior, I wish you all the best✨✨

#fromis_9 #RohJisun #Idol #fitevely #Casual #FitnessFreak #Hehet

Jisun’s Reply (Translation):

Today the broadcast is finally out! Thanks to the fitness kids it was a fun filming👀🌱
Next time, tell me about your exercise routine and diet😼

Note: Fitness model @fitvely_moon update with Jisun.

Click image to be redirected to source Instagram post


The really kind idol Jisun-ssi🥰
Thank you once again, senior~


It comes out on MBC today🙂🙂

#RohJisun #MBC #Shooting #CrazyRecipeAdventure

Jisun’s Reply (Translation):

Kind?😶 Thank you for having a good impression on me Unjigi-nim…🤔? Tae’s father..(?!) Hehe. I also had a great time filming thanks to Unjigi-nim🤲🏻!!

Note: Fitness model @jigitv91 update with Jisun.
Parts unrelated to Jisun were omitted from translation.

210319 – JJ Magazine Update With fromis_9

Source: JJ Magazine

210319 – Crazy Recipe Adventure Ep. 10 with Jisun [MBC]

Click image to watch Jisun’s Cut
Watch full episode with English Subs

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

210326 – Jisun – Crazy Recipe Adventure Ep. 11 – 8:45 PM KST

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