210103 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


201230 – OTR Announces Only Letters Will Be Accepted as Gifts Starting 2021

This is Off The Record Entertainment.

The following notice is regarding the support for fromis_9.

First, thank you, flover, for all your love and support for fromis_9.

As to support to fromis_9, after careful discussion with the members, we have decided that all support related to anniversaries and schedules (i.e., gifts and parcels) except for letters will not be accepted starting January 2021.

Thus, only support that has been arranged in advance through the official fan website page by 7:00 p.m. on December 31, 2020, and parcels delivered to the support destination by 7:00 p.m. on December 31, 2020, can be delivered to the artists.
Please note that all parcels, including support sent after that time, will not reach the artists and will be returned to sender or discarded without notification.

Thank you again to all of flover who never spare their generous affection for fromis_9, and we appreciate your unwavering love and interest.

Thank you always.”


201230 – Jisun’s ASMR Will Not Be Released This Month

“[💡#fromis_9] Hello.
This is Off The Record Entertainment.
The ‘Jisun ASMR’ that was scheduled to be released tonight will be renewed with a new look for 2021. We ask for the understanding of flovers who wait for the last day of every month.”


Official YouTube


201229 – ‘Channel_9 Year-End Awards’ Behind

Official Videos

201230 – ‘Starry Night’ Special Video Teaser

201231 – ‘Starry Night’ Special Video

210101 – New Year’s Greeting for 2021

Official Japanese YouTube

201231 – Special Clip -Behind Film- Part 3

Official YouTube source

Official Instagram


2020 is really coming to an end. Time went by as fast as I was happy, so I think it was more regretful. To the year of 2020 that won’t come back, I’m really thankful, because I was happy to have flovers. Thank you for making another unforgettable year. I hope we all have a next year full of nothing but positive occurrences. 😍 See you next year, flovers. I really love you🍀



Goodbye, 2020. Happy New Year, everyone!
I’ll get a year older. Nyam



flovers, 2020 is gone, and the new year is here! This year, let’s see each other more often, our flovers💕 Let’s make a happy year together🥳🎉 Happy New Year☘️💕💕💕



flovers, there’s less than 3 hours of January 1st left. Did you spend a meaningful time? I miss you so much💕 I was at home spacing out and got a year older + had a meal with my family. It’s cold, so be careful not to catch a cold, and let’s love each other this year as well💕


Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Gyuri’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Seoyeon’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram



[#Jisun] Um… You see.. I thought I took a selfie earlier, but turns out I have nothing but pictures that make you feel like you’re in the POV of a cell phone. What did I take?
Anyway- there are less than 3 days left to enjoy music in this year-end atmosphere as well yuhu….


🎵 Sam Smith – The Lighthouse Keeper


Pajama Party Behind Photo Sketch

201230 – Channel_9 Pajama Party Behind Photo Sketch

Source: fromis_9’s Facebook


[#Jiheon] The weather.. Just freeze me instead. It’s cold

#hmm #WhatsGoingOn_OnSuchAGoodDayLikeThis

🎵 B1A4 – What’s Happening?


There’s not much left of 2020. flover, spend a happy end of the year❤



[💌#fromis_9] Like the first snow ☃️
Truthful fromies who dropped by suddenly!!!
Very fun 🍯 Spend a sweet day together with fromies💕


[💌#fromis_9] <2021 Wallpaper>
Let’s spend a happy January together with #Jiheon ☘️



[💌#fromis_9] The rising mukbang fairy Gyul🍊 It’s cheese🧀today!!!
flover! Please look at Gyuri👀 Ch~ee~ze~ ✌️😘


[#Jisun] I was contemplating on which song should I upload for the first song of 2021
But I don’t think I can’t waste more time not deciding on one
So I decided on the song I think is really good right now
Happy New Year, flover!


🎵 Jesse Barrera feat. Jeff Bernat & Johnny Stimson – Casual (Acoustic)


210101 – Happy new year 🎉

Hayoung, Jiwon and Seoyeon V LIVE ft. Jisun’s phone call

210103 – Happy new year 🎉 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌fromis_9] Did you know?
Did you know? I lose my memory when I see a pretty person.
Did you know? I lose my memory when I see a pretty person.
Did you know? I lose my memory when I see a pretty person.
I didn’t know it was 2021 either!
Happy Happy New Year…☆

Click image to get redirected to V LIVE POST




Because it’s a shame to see it all by myself, this is an Instagram post to share with flovers
#TakeIt #TryThisOrTheAnotherClassEvent #I #AmAHabbangFan

Note: PD from ‘K-Culture Expedition, Incheon GO’ update with fromis_9.

201231 – Idol Challenge Ep. 1 Part 2 ft. Hayoung, Jiwon, Chaeyoung & Jiheon [The K-pop]

210101 – Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant Ep. 60 ft. Gyuri [KBS]

Click image to watch Gyuri’s cut
No English subtitles available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule


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