201220 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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201215 – ‘Channel_9 Year-End Awards’ Part 3


201218 – ‘Billie Eilish – i love you’ performance by SAEROM

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201217 – fromis tries! Christmas Special Edition Part 1

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The feelings I wanted to express were melted into dance, but I don’t know how you’ll see it😌 Watch comfortably, thinking and feeling freely, and have a warm night🙏🏻

#Saerom #BillieEilish #iloveyou

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I miss you, flover.
This is the winter night sky that I saw.
The stars were really pretty tonight so I thought of our flovers.
It’s cold, so dress warmly and always be healthy.
I love you, flover🌠




[💌#fromis_9] What did you think of Gyul and Ssen’s mukbang, that can melt a frozen heart~?
Spend a warm night together with Gyul🍊 and Ssen🦀💕


[#Jisun] We wrapped up Delicious Rendezvous with the red crab episode!!
I’m telling you, I got some delicious recipes.
These were 2 days with nothing but joyful memories.
I want to go again🥴


[#Jisun] Rom Captain… Emotion… Body.. Dance… Face… You ripped everything apart.. You won’t be able to endure not watching this video…

Saerom’s Reply:

[#Saerom] Thank you, Jissen..🥰


[#Saerom] I just wanted to leave with one final full length recording after finishing up that lengthy video shooting.. Even though it was meant to be for my own private uses, I’ve mustered up the courage to cautiously upload this with the strength from all of your kind appreciation. Since it’s only a behind-the-scene recording, please go easy on meee😌


[#Jisun] No going outside means no photos,
flover, did you enjoy an uneventful yet cozy weekend?
Good night😴


🎵 Ariana Grande – my hair


201216 – Come and Hear!!

Jisun voice only V LIVE ft. Hayoung, Jiwon and Chaeyoung’s phone call

201220 – 🎅🎅

Jiheon V LIVE
Note: Jiheon mistakenly tuning on the V LIVE sideways can be watched by clicking here.



Baek Jongwon’s all-around red crab mayo appears🦀
Cooking master Heechul and students Jisun X Gyuri chemistry💕

SBS <Delicious Rendezvous>
☞ December 17, Thursday, 9 PM KST Broadcast

#DeliciousRendezvous #BaekJongwon #Yang Sehyung #KimHeechul #KimDongjun #Yoo Byungjae #fromis_9 #NohJisun #JangGyuri

201217 – Delicious Rendezvous Ep. 54 [SBS]

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201227 – Happy Gyuri Day!

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