201213 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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201208 – ‘Channel_9 Year-End Awards’ Part 2


201211 – “‘Weather’ Special Video” Shooting Site Behind

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201210 – fromis tries! Decorating a Gingerbread House Edition

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Instagram Live

201207 – First Live❤

Seoyeon Instagram Live
Note: The first part of this live was not saved due to technical difficulties. Click here to watch the first part.



[#Seoyeon] 🥟🥟🥟



[#Jisun] This is the end of my pictures heh
Because I only took many pictures of the members ㅎㅅㅎ


🎵 John K – cheap sunglasses


[#Chaeyoung] It’s cold, so dress warmly🥰


[#Seoyeon] Today was fun~ See you next time🥳



Today is also a happy day!!!



The Film Festival-like Channel_9’s ‘Year-End Awards’ behind the scenes🏆
You might faint because it’s so pretty… is that okay?


201210 – Channel_9 2020 Year-End Awards Behind Photo Sketch

Source: fromis_9’s Facebook


[#Jisun] I tried this. Chef Baek’s cooking and bungeo-ppang heh
I can’t describe how… enjoyable and delicious it was🤪
I was having so much fun I forgot to take a selfie!..
Sorry, flover, it really was too fun hehe
Please look forward to the next episode! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ !!!

Jiheon’s Reply:

[#Jiheon] I seriously envy you so much. I also have confidence in devouring delicious stuff though.. I should have tagged along as a one-day manager..


201207 – 🍋Yellows Are Bored🍋

Hayoung and Jiwon V LIVE ft. Seoyeon’s phone call
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201212 – 🍋Yellows Are Bored🍋 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] Why is it so dark?
What’s with the lamps breaking at home…? But no problem! As long as you’re looking at Yellowz’ faces, the whole world becomes brighter. I hope you can happily end your day while watching Yellowz~ 🥰
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201209 – Who wants to play with me✋

Seoyeon V LIVE
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201212 – Tallz’ Return🍊🐿️ V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] All you flovers…
🍊🐿️ Would you be okay with that~?

Note: This live was not saved on V LIVE

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Enjoy Delicious Rendezvous’ 1st year anniversary winter snacks~🥜🌰
Delicious Rendezvous’ 1st year anniversary opens with #fromis_9 Jisun and Gyuri!

SBS <Delicious Rendezvous>
☞ December 10, Thursday, 9 PM KST Broadcast

#DeliciousRendezvous #BaekJongwon #Yang Sehyung #KimHeechul #KimDongjun #Yoo Byungjae #NohJisun #JangGyuri

201210 – Delicious Rendezvous Ep. 53 [SBS]

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English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

201217 – Gyuri & Jisun – SBS Delicious Rendezvous Ep. 54

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