201129 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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201124 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ Choreography Video (9 Ver.)


201127 – Choreography Video (Suit x Pajamas Ver.) Shooting Site Behind

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201126 – Special Clip -Behind Film- (Part 2)

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🥰 Happy Birthday!!!!!! Jisun-ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Jisun’s Reply:

My little… I mean, very big yet cute puppy… Let’s be together for a long long time👻🖤


My friend Jisunie, Happy Birthday, dude!! 98z forever🔥

#Jisun ♥️#Jiwon


Today’s birthday girl 🖐 is me! A cold winter day became warm thanks to Jisun’s 23rd birthday💕

#Jisun #SsenBirthday #🎂


Hi, it’s fromis_9’s Nagyung!
This time, I’m participating in the Hope Jump Rope Challenge, organized by Hope Friends Hunger Countermeasure.

With the participation fee of 10,000 won, infants and toddlers in Madagascar will be supported with medical vaccination, and there are many gifts prepared just by participating!

You can apply through the link in the profile at @jumprope_challenge. The application is due on the 30th, and it would be nice if many people could apply for it. Please join me in doing the good work.

#HopeFriendsHungerCountermeasure #HopeFriends #HungerCountermeasure #HopeJumpRopeChallenge #JumpRope


floverrr, spend a happy weekend😌🏃🏻‍♀️
#H.E.R #focus
#choreography #Joyb


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Happy birthday to our pretty and lovely Jisun! When I look at how small and precious you are there are times I want to give you a hug, you know?? You’re so smol but you’re still just our precious fairy. You’re lovable and talented so let’s be happy in the future too. I love you♥️

#EveryoneItsJisunsBirthday~~!! #EveryoneInTheWorld~~!!!! #HappyHappyBirthdayJisun

Jisun’s Reply:

No wonder you’ve been hugging me lately🌝 Thank you, my happiness🥳🖤


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fromis Ponyo’s birthday 🥳🎉

#Jisun #💕

Jisun’s Reply:

You little Syeonie…! I’m going to squeeze you👻


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Instagram Live

201126 – Gyuri Instagram Live

Gyuri Instagram Live
This live was not saved on Instagram
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[#fromis_9 🎉] 201123

flovers’ refreshing smile angel💝
Happy Birthday to #fromis_9 ‘s #Jisun !



[#Jisun] It’s me, the birthday celebrant! These are the songs that came out on V LIVE🥳


[#Nagyung] Jissen Happy Birthdaaaayyyy💚

Jisun’s Reply:

[#Jisun] I remember those days heh
Let’s go eat again heh


[💌#fromis_9] How was the daily life of fromis reporters who were sincere about acting~? If fromis reporters could appear on <fromis_9 o’clock news> 📺 it would be really~ good~♪



✉ Seoyeon’s video sending…
/ What exercise do you do every day?

#fromis_9 #from_Seoyeon #Healthcare #Exercise_You_Do_Everyday💪🏻

Note: Click “Translation” to watch the clip with English subtitles.

Follow-Up Poll:

✔️ #Healthcare #Exercise_You_Do_Everyday💪🏻

– Just like Seoyeon! Do Pilates strongly
– Just breathing is difficult enough. Breathing exercise
– Ear exercise while listening to Feel Good!
– Running on the treadmill for 1.24km while listening to fromis_9’s songs


[❓#fromis_9] 💐
#Channel_9 #ComingSoon


[💌#fromis_9] ‘fromis_9 did it again today’👏
fromis_9 that made flovers☘️Feel Dizzy and Feel Good with the OT9 performance💕


I’m shy of strangers👀



[❓#fromis_9] 🦄🎈
#DecemberWithChannel_9 #Channel_9


[💌#fromis_9] Brain of fromis_9 💭 Gyul & Ssen 👍🏻
Let’s have a fun weekend! Together with Gyul & Ssen 💕


[#Jisun] It’s almost time to say goodbye to November. Today it’s cold🥶
Have a warm day, flover!


🎵 2F (Shin Yong Jae & Kim Won Joo) – Autumn Night


201123 – Today’s Birthday Girl✋

Jisun V LIVE ft. Seoyeon’s and Jiheon’s phone calls
Click image to get redirected to V LIVE

201125 – At the Dorm Before Bed😗

Hayoung and Jiwon V LIVE
Click image to get redirected to V LIVE

201125 – At the Dorm Before Bed😗 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] At the Dorm Before Bed…💤
Before you sleep, Bbang & Geon’s voice melted your ears, what to do 😣
Watch Yellowz V LIVE and sleep in heaven tonight, flovers💕

Click image to get redirected to V LIVE POST

201126 – Sometimes, an odd time is nice😜

Saerom, Hayoung, Jiwon, Seoyeon and Chaeyoung V LIVE ft. Jiheon
Click image to get redirected to V LIVE

201126 – Sometimes, an odd time is nice😜 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌#fromis_9] Even if it’s an ambiguous time, as long as you’re with fromis…
Even if it’s an ambiguous time, as long as you’re with fromis, the time becomes meaningful⏱😁
If fromis and flovers are together💕every minute and second is meaningful!

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201124 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ at the 24th Civil Servant Service Awards [SBS]

Click image to watch the video

201124 – 24th Civil Servant Service Awards Saerom MC Cut [SBS]

Click image to watch the video
No English subtitles available

201124 – Life Corp. 2: Save the 9 O’Clock News From Falling in Ratings💥the Showdown Between fromis_9 and Reporters👊 [Lifetime Korea]

Lifetime Korea Updates With fromis_9

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

201125 – Love Bomb, FUN!, LOVE RUMPUMPUM and Feel Good [@2020 Gyeong Buk 4th Industrial Revolution Technology]

Note: fromis_9 appears at 1:46:15
No English subtitles available

201126 – Delicious Rendezvous Teaser With Gyuri & Jisun [SBS]

Note: The show will air on December 3rd
No English subtitles available

201128 – Idol on Quiz Episode 19 With Gyuri & Jisun [KBS]

Click image to watch the video

Idol on Quiz Updates With Gyuri & Jisun

Sources: 1 | 2

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

201203 – Gyuri & Jisun – SBS Delicious Rendezvous

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