201115 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


201111 – fromis_9’s Gyuri and Jisun Shoot Episode of Idol on Quiz

This Wednesday, November 11, fromis_9’s Gyuri and Jisun were seen arriving at KBS to shoot an episode of Idol on Quiz, a variety show where various idols team up to answer three rounds of quizzes. In addition to Gyuri and Jisun, the episode will feature Weki Meki’s Yoojung and Doyeon, Shinhwa’s Andy, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Kangnam, and Yubin (ex-Wonder Girls).

The episode is expected to air on the 5th of December.

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201113 – Choreography Video (Moving Ver.) Shooting Site Behind

Official Japanese YouTube

201112 – Teach Me! fromiSensei! (Teachers Hayoung and Gyuri) Part 2

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floverrrs, did you spend your weekend well? I just stayed home all day long with maknaengie heh
Cheer up tomorrow as well💛


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✉ nagyung’s video sending…
/ What types of scents do you like?

#fromis_9 #from_Nagyung #flovers_favorite_and_familiar_scents☁️

Note: Click “Translation” to watch the clip with English subtitles.

Follow-Up Poll:

✔️ #flovers_favorite_and_familiar_scents☁️

– Neutral and heavy woody & musk scent
– Sweet and lovely fruit scent
– Fresh and sensual floral scent
– Clean and refreshing soap scent


[#Jiheon] ?

Note: Click “Translation” to view the image with English subtitles.


Exciting Day💜❤



[💌#fromis_9] Thursday night together with lovely fromis😘😉🥰
💜It’s a purple💜 Thursday night🌠🌛


201109 – Flower Project X Delicious Rendezvous [Naver Shopping Live]

Note: Click image to watch the video. No English subtitles available.

201109 – Kim Dongjun Instagram Stories

Source: Kim Dongjun’s Instagram

201109 – Kim Heechul Instagram Stories

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The pretty ‘Kim Dongjun’ and ‘Jang Gyuri’ gathered on Delicious Rendezvous!


I met fromis_9 friends during K-Culture Expedition Incheon GO filming~ They came shyly and said, “Sunbaenim, we’re your fans 👉🏻👈🏻.” They shyly confessed their fan sentiment saying, “We also like DARA TV and watched the recently-uploaded Philippines Market episode🙈.” Nice to meet you🤗💘
#MemoryWithMyJuniors💘 #randompic #waybackwednesday #latepost With fromis_9
I’m happy I can meet many juniors who liked 2NE1 on various shows lately!!! 😁

Note: Sandara Park (ex-member of 2NE1) update with Hayoung, Jiwon and Jisun.
Click here to watch fromis_9 on K-Culture Expedition, Incheon GO with English subtitles.

201112 – Are you really crying? The story of fromis_9 having a tear party while eating [Café Bora]


Tinky-Winkies💜 fromis_9 Episode❣️
Today, 7 PM KST! Together with Saerom/Jisun/Hayoung
Second [Café Bora] special night⭐
Please watch the 15th episode of Café Bora~💜

#YouTube #CaféBora #fromis_9

Translator’s Note: “Tinky-Winkies” is how fans of Café Bora are called.


Hello, SaeromLeeSaerom
Thank you for coming over~ ‘ㅡ’

#CaféBora #fromis_9 #SandBin

Note: Actor Park Jibin update with Saerom. They have been friends since before fromis_9’s debut.

201112 – MAMA 2020: Star Countdown D-24 by fromis_9 [Mnet K-POP]


During ON days, when fromis_9 Gyuri & Hayoung seem to split into nanoparticles,
and during OFF days, when you feel so good❤
Thanks to fromis_9 Gyuri & Hayoung, this weekend’s vitamin charge is complete🤚

Find the original program on KakaoTalk third #tab ▶ #KakaoTV and KakaoTalk Channel [KakaoTV]🌟

#KakaoTV #NewPang #ComebackShowMuTalkLive #MuTalkLive_2ndEpisode #NewPang_3rdEpisode #fromis_9 #Gyuri #Hayoung #feelgood

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