201101 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


201029 – fromis_9 Ranks 2nd on Oricon Daily Charts With ‘My Little Society’

fromis_9’s third mini album, My Little Society, ranked second on Oricon’s daily chart this Monday, October 26.

The success of fromis_9’s latest release on Oricon, Japan’s largest music sales website, shows once again the group’s popularity in the country. My Little Society now joins To. Day and From.9 as releases that drew big attention in Japan, the last two having topped Japanese Tower Records in the past.


Official YouTube

Official Videos

201028 – ‘Weather’ Special Video

Jisun ASMR

201029 – Video Call Roleplay


201030 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ Promotions Behind Part 1

Official Japanese YouTube

201029 – Teach Me! fromiSensei! (Teachers Hayoung and Gyuri) Part 1

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Official Instagram


19 years old SyeonChaeng somewhere🖤


201031 – Halloween Instagram Stories

Source: fromis_9’s official Instagram

Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Gyuri’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


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Source: Jiheon’s Instagram

Instagram Live

201101 – 💙

Jiheon Instagram Live



[💌#fromis_9] Incheon, where Hayoung and Jisun took me for a walk together✨ Emotions filled with the scent of autumn surges within me💖


[#Jisun] Monday🙋🏻‍♀️


🎵 Crush – Let Me Go (with Taeyeon)



✉️ hayoung’s video sending… / How do you dress for in-between seasons?

#fromis_9 #from_Hayoung

Note: Click “Translation” to watch the clip with English subtitles.

Follow-Up Poll:


– Comfortable and cute hoodie
– Sweatshirt that looks good on all occasions
– Easy-to-wear shirt
– Cozy-looking knitwear


[💌#fromis_9] fromis_9 and flovers become a splashing Rainbow flavor for each others’ repetitive daily lives✨❣️


flover, what have you been up to??
I really, really miss you lots!
Every day I can’t sleep thinking about flover~
Recently the weather has been really cold, so you have to take care of your health.
flover I love you❤



[#Jisun] It’s my favorite weather☀️
Have a good song to spend a good day with 😀


🎵 Sung Si Kyung – Holding On To You


[💌#fromis_9] Ramen attack with Gyuri at this hour❗️ Raise your hand if you couldn’t resist and started pouring water into the pot✋ Couldn’t withstand either Gyuri’s beauty or late-night snack’s temptation…😪❤️


[💌#fromis_9] This time we went to Ganghwa Island, Incheon, together with Jiwon❗️❣️ Buzzing full of energy🎵 Our fromis_9 who will have fun going anywhere together💞


[#Jisun] The rain falls and the music flows🌧


🎵 Soyou x Baekhyun – Rain


201026 – Incheon K-pop Concert (INK) Hayoung & Jisun VCR Cut

Note: No English subtitles available.


I hope everything goes well with you
Stay healthy and always get 1st place
Shoot many commercials as well
#Lovelyz #fromis_9 #Mijoo #BbSoul #Habbang #Jissen #Megan #Mijoo #BabySoul #Hayoung #Jisun #Jiwon #IncheonGo #kei #YangPD #YouHadAHardTimeDuringAColdDay #MeToo #YouAllToo

Note: PD from ‘K-Culture Expedition, Incheon GO’ update with fromis_9.


#HaHa, #SandaraPark, Teen Top #Niel, #Lovelyz Mijoo & Baby Soul,
#fromis_9 Jisun, Jiwon & Hayoung Incheon culture tour!
#K-CultureFestival X Incheon INK Concert
<K-Culture Expedition, Incheon Go>
👉 SBS MTV October 31, 1:00 PM KST
👉 SBS F!L October 31, 2:00 PM KST

#kculturefestival #2020K-CultureFestival

201031 – K-Culture Expedition, Incheon Go ft. Hayoung, Jiwon & Jisun [SBS MTV]

201030 – Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant Ep. 53 ft. Gyuri [KBS]

Note: Click image to watch the video. The video is timestamped to Gyuri’s appearance.


Memories of October recorded with a film camera📸 In November too, stay together with M2❣
#OctoberOfM2 #M2film #RelayDanceAgain #fromis_9 @realfromis_9

English Subtitles Now Available

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