201011 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

My Little Society

201006 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ on The Show

201008 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ on M Countdown

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201009 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ on Music Bank

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201010 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ on Show! Music Core

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201011 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ on Inkigayo

Music Show Official Photos

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*More from previous music show appearances:
Photos (1) (2)
201004 – M Countdown Backstage (Shot on 200917)
201007 – The Show Behind (Shot on 200922)
201010 – ‘Feel Good’ is the most-viewed performance on Music Core (200926 Performance)


201005 – fromis_9 to Hold Their 7th Online Promise Event

This Monday, Off The Record Entertainment announced that fromis_9 will be holding a seventh online Promise Event. In the same format as the previous six, fans will have to order the group’s most recent album, My Little Society, on specific Korean stores to apply. Winners will be picked through a random draw.

For the event, the group will be divided into three units, with 33 lucky winners per unit getting the chance to talk to the members for a short amount of time. Winners will also receive their album signed and exclusive pictures of the girls.

Sales for the event are running on Soundwave online store until October 7. The Promise Event will be held on October 9 through KakaoTalk.

Injured, Seoyeon won’t take part in the event.


An eight event will be held on October 10. Sales on Apple Music until October 9.


A ninth (and last) event will be held on October 11. Sales on Beat Road until October 10.

Source (1) (2) (3)

Official YouTube

Official Videos

201010 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ Choreography Video(Moving Ver.)


201009 – ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ M/V Shooting Behind Part.2

FM_1.24 Special

201007 – If You’re Curious About Who’s the Person in the Headband, Follow♬ (feat. Call My Name Game) Part.1

Official Japanese YouTube

201008 – Special Clip -Behind Film-

Original YouTube Source

Official Instagram



#Saerom #Hayoung
#HaRomStagram #TodayToo #YouHaveWorkedHard


flover, thank you always♥️🙈



You did a great job today ❤

#Hayoung #FeelGood


Did you enjoy today’s Music Bank~?
It feels good🙈



Did everyone watch Music Core today~?



Good night, flover🖤🤍

#Jiwon #Saerom #RomJyeon


Did you finish your Sunday well?
Our flover🖤🖤🖤🖤



Thank you for today as well🤎
Have sweet dreams


Individual Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Gyuri’s Instagram
Note: The shot is a scene from Gyuri’s favorite movie, Love at Second Sight


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


Source: Nagyung’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram

Instagram Live

201009 – I came here for a bit~~~

Jiwon Instagram Live


Twitter Mention Party

Translation of First Tweet:

[#Jisun] Are you ready? Let’s start a little early. heh🤔

Translation of Second Tweet:

[#Jisun] I’m going to take some questions

Translation of Last Tweet:

[#Jisun] New questions showed up so quickly that it didn’t load as I expected it to! There’s nothing I can do about it! I’ll come again

Note: A Mention Party takes place when an artist answers multiple fan questions on Twitter, similar to a live Q&A. Jisun’s replies are under the first two Tweets.


[💌#fromis_9] Today’s #Feel_Good 💖is like a spell to make a cold windy evening special. Eating delicious food in a cozy room is a party and a festival while watching fromis_9🎉✨💓


Let’s have fun all day long today~!☀



[💌#fromis_9] Now that I think about it today, we can possibly conquer and achieve world peace with fromis_9’s beauty🤔❗ It’s a heartwarming day just to see our fromis_9 laugh, talk, sing, and dance🥰❣


[#Jisun] Did you watch M Countdown~?👖 Today’s song while going back home:)


🎵 Alicia Keys – So Done (ft. Khalid)


[💌#fromis_9] A day to be thankful to be able to use our language🙏❣ Did you enjoy our fromis_9 #Feel_Good stage❓🥰 Seeing the stage of the sweetest girls in the world, fromis_9, I feel like flying😭💖

Translator’s Note: In commemoration of today’s Hangul day, all words used in the tweet have Korean origins, including “fromis_9” and “Feel Good”.


[💌#fromis_9] Today’s #Feel_Good where everyone sparkles on the screen, you can’t take your eyes off from them ✨💖 Even polarized sunglass can’t reduce their brightness by one bit, there’s a rumor that flovers got dizzy again today because of that… 👀❣


[💌#fromis_9] Went to a wild music trip together with the 98z 🎶 You won’t even know where all the time has disappeared listening to this very fun radio🤭💓


[#Jisun] Good work this Saturday
Have a good dream and a good night😌


🎵 NIve x Sam Kim – Like a Fool


[💌#fromis_9] #Feel_Good which also fits really well with classic and sophisticated style💝 The only thing that fromis_9 can’t extinguish is flovers’ burning heart🥰❤


201011 – On the Way Home🚗

Jiwon, Jisun, Nagyung and Jiheon V LIVE
Click image to watch the V LIVE

Weibo & Douyin


201006 – fromis_9 ASMR Quiz [K-POP PLUS Ep. 3]

201006 – Dazzling fromis_9’s ‘Feel Good’♪ Comeback [Show Champion Behind]

Click here to watch the video with English subtitles

201006 – Gyuri and Chaeyoung With the Perfect Concept Tikitaka [Show Champion Behind]

Click here to watch the video with English subtitles

201006 – The Cutest Thing in the World, Girlfriend Concept Aegyo♥ [Show Champion Behind]

Note: No English subtitles available.

201008 – Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon [MBC Radio]

Note: No English subtitles available.


😍 Bling bling cute special 😍
Two awesome girl groups~
#Nagyung and #Gyuri of #fromis_9 who came back with #FeelGood ♥️
#Onda and #Sihyeon of Everglow who came back with #LaDiDa ♥️
Secure your heart tightly before listening to the two songs 🔥
They’ve been lingering in my ears all day… Awesomely addictive…
Did you hear the tearful (prepared) 1st place speech?!!!
Until the day you get your hands on the real trophy, we’re rooting for you 🤘🏻
#KimShinYoung #SecondAuntKimDaVi #KimShinYoungsHopeSongAtNoon #everglow #LaDiDa #fromis9 #FeelGood #AddictiveSongs

201008 – ‘MCD DANCE CHALLENGE’ EXO – Growl [M Countdown]


Note: No English subtitles available.

201010 – fromis_9 Thrilling Interview [TongTongTv]

201010 – Park Sohyun’s Love Game [SBS PowerFM]

Note: No English subtitles available.

201010 – Park Sohyun’s Love Game Instagram Updates


Isn’t Jiheon’s eye smile so cute?!!

#KPOP #THEKPOP #THESHOW #fromis_9 #BaekJiheon #Feel_Good @realfromis_9

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