200913 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

My Little Society

Individual Teasers ‘My society ver.’

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Note: Other members were included in last week’s recap. Click images to get redirected to source Twitter posts.

200907 – Hayoung ‘My society ver.’ Behind

200907 – Nagyung ‘My society ver.’ Behind

200907 – Gyuri ‘My society ver.’ Behind

200908 – Jiwon ‘My society ver.’ Behind

200908 – Jiheon ‘My society ver.’ Behind

200908 – Jisun ‘My society ver.’ Behind

Note: Other members were included in last week’s recap.

200908 – ‘My society ver.’ Official Group Photos

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Source: fromis_9’s official Twitter

200909 – ‘My society ver.’ Official Group Photos Behind

200912 – ‘My account ver.’ Official Unit Photos

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Note: Click images to get redirected to source Twitter posts.

200913 – ‘My account ver.’ Official Unit Photos Behind

200909 – Individual Instagram Accounts Announcement

Note: The individual Instagram accounts of all members can be found further down in this recap.

200910 – My Little Society Tracklist

Note: Seoyeon was credited for lyrics and composition of the 3rd track, Saerom wrote lyrics for the 4th and 5th track, and Jiwon wrote lyrics for the 5th track.

200911 – My Little Society Highlight Medley

200909 – My Little Society Album Packaging Details

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Source: fromis_9’s Official Fancafe

Note: The first picture shows information about both CD versions of the album. The second picture covers only the Air-Kit version.

Click here to buy your copy signed by one random member!


200909 – fromis_9 To Hold a Twitter Blueroom Live Q&A

Preceding their comeback with My Little Society, fromis_9 will hold a Twitter Blueroom Live Q&A.

Starting now, questions can be sent with the hashtag “#ASK_fromis_9” on Twitter. The questions will be answered by the group on September 16th, 5 PM KST, exactly one hour before My Little Society is released.


200910 – Injured, Lee Seoyeon Won’t Take Part in “My Little Society” Promotions

Off The Record Entertainment’s Statement:

“Greetings, everyone.
This is Off The Record Entertainment.

We would like to give you an announcement on the promotion of fromis_9’s third mini-album “My Little Society” after the injury of one of the members of the group, Lee Seoyeon.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to flover for waiting for fromis_9’s third mini-album “My Little Society,” and we are sorry to deliver bad news.

Lee Seoyeon recently had a leg injury during the preparation for the album promotion. She went to a hospital immediately and underwent a thorough medical examination. According to the expert’s opinion that she needs to focus on treatment and recovery, we have decided to continue the third mini-album promotion with only eight members of fromis_9, excluding the injured artist.

Although she had a strong will to continue to do the album promotion, we have put the artist’s recovery first and have decided as above. Therefore, we would like to ask for your generosity and understanding.

Once again, we would like to apologize to flover for making you worried about this unexpected news. We will make every effort to help the artist’s full recovery.

Thank you.”



Individual Instagram Accounts

Saerom (@lsroom__)
Hayoung (@shy9_29)
Gyuri (@jang._.gyurious)
Jiwon (@xjiwonparkx)
Jisun (@ro.x_rhz)
Seoyeon (@yeonyeony_122)
Chaeyoung (@c.young__0514)
Nagyung (@blossomlng_0)
Jiheon (@jihoney_bb)

First Instagram Posts

200912 – Jisun Instagram Updates

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Note: Click images to get redirected to source Instagram posts.

200913 – Jisun Instagram Updates

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Note: Click images to get redirected to source Instagram posts.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @ blossomlng_0 on




Jiheon’s Reply:

You and I have a couple filter😆

View this post on Instagram

⠀ 💐🌷🌸🌺

A post shared by @ xjiwonparkx on



Chaeyoung’s Reply:

Who took the pictures? They’re pretty haha

Jiwon’s Reply to Chaeyoung:

Yes, unnie~ Pictures by Lee Chaeyoung~~!


I have a personal Insta account~🍒


200912 – My First Insta Live~

Saerom Instagram Live ft. Hayoung
Instagram Source

200912 – It’s an Insta Live~

Hayoung Instagram Live ft. Gyuri
Instagram Source

200913 – 🍊🍊🍊

Gyuri Instagram Live ft. Jiwon
This live was later deleted from Instagram

200913 – First Live, Dudun!!

Jiwon Instagram Live ft. Jisun

200913 – 🐑

Jisun Instagram Live ft. Chaeyoung



[#Jisun] 🌃🎉👯


🎵 SZA – Hit Different (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)


photo by Chaeyoung


Weibo & Douyin


200910 – M COUNTDOWN Special Message

Note: Contains “Feel Good” spoilers.

200911 – Former Idol School contestant Lee Dahee update with Jisun

Click image to get redirected to Dahee’s Instagram


Q: Have you met up with Jisun lately?ㅠㅠ

Dahee: (this photo is from a long time ago)
Noh Jissen is busy,,,
fromis_9 fighting

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

200916 – Twitter Blueroom Live Q&A – 5PM KST

200916 – My Little Society Album and MV Release – 6PM KST

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