200830 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


200825 – fromis_9 Confirmed To Make September Comeback

“fromis_9 will be making their long-awaited return!

On August 25, SPOTV News reported that fromis_9 would be making a comeback on September 14 with a new album. fromis_9 has reportedly finished filming their new music video and are making their final preparations.

Following reports, a source from Off The Record Entertainment revealed, “fromis_9 is preparing to release an album mid-September.” This will be their first comeback in approximately one year and three months following “Fun Factory” in June 2019.”




200825 – ‘Channel_9 EfG’ Part 8

200828 – Ch.9 REPLAY

Note: A highlight compilation of previously released “Channel_9 EfG” clips. No English subtitles available.

Jisun ASMR

200829 – Makeup Roleplay



Did you know I uploaded a new video to help you sleep well tonight?👀 Good night🧖🏻‍♀️🌙

#Jisun #asmr



[#Jisun] 🎵🎶(๑˃̶͈̀◡˂̶͈́๑) 🎶🎵ㅎㅎ


🎵 Tayla Parx – Dance Alone

🎵 J.Y. Park – When We Disco (Duet with Sunmi)


[#from_pretty‼] The noisy self-study class finished, so did our happy time after classes…💞 Where else should we hang out today flovers?🥰❤




✉ chaeyoung’s video sending…
/ What position do you sleep in?

#fromis_9 #from_Chaeyoung #What_Position_Do_You_Sleep_In💤

Note: Click “Translation” to watch the clip with English subtitles.

Follow-Up Poll:

✔ #What_Position_Do_You_Sleep_In💤

– On your side, hugging the pillow
– Rolling around in the bed
– Lying on your stomach
– In a straight position, not moving at all


[#Jisun] A pic from a year ago👀



I’m preparing🤘🏼



[#Jisun] Emotional feelings🤟🏼
It’s Friday night, sleep tight flovers🛁


🎵 HONNE – Feels So Good ◑ (feat. Anna Of The North)

Saerom’s Reply:

[#Saerom] Oh~~ It’s the song I listen the most to lately… It’s so great 🤪🥰

HONNE’s Reaction:


Jisun’s Reply to HONNE:

[#JISUN] Feels so good to have you here🥺❤


200828 – Hi

Jiheon voice only V LIVE ft. Jisun
Click image to get redirected to V LIVE

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English Subtitles Now Available

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