200621 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


200615 – fromis_9 Opens DOUYIN Channel

fromis_9 has opened an official Douyin channel. Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok.



FM_1.24 Special

200619 – fromis Research Journal: Charades (Part 1)



flover!!! I’ll try to have my own cooking series from now on. I’ll be greedy and try a lot of different types of food!!!
Today’s cooking show was a bit clumsy, but I sincerely thank every flover who watched together and my members who came to try the food ❤️❤️🍳🍳

#Hayoung #TodaysFood #SeaweedSoup #Hungry


flovers ❤ did you enjoy today episode?
Please look forward to Byul’s future performance><

#Gyuri #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #SeonByul


I wanted to take a pretty proof shoot but it was too bright and I failed…😭
Thanks for today as well. I’ll eat it well. Love ya flover❤❤

#Gyuri #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #SeonByeol



#Jiheon #WeekendIsOver.. #MondayHasComeAgain #ComeQuickly #Kyaa


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Kim Soo Hyun’s colleagues⭐️
Kim Chang Wan X Kim Mi Kyung X Jang Young Nam X Jang Gyuri
All these great actors and actresses are on the move to a nice mental health hospital!

First broadcast June 20 (Sat) 9 PM KST
#tvN #SatSunDrama #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #BroadcastSchedule #Kim Soo Hyun #Seo Yeji #Oh Jung Se #Park Gyu Young


[#Nagyung] 🖤


🔎 Watching a ‘Movie’ during a day off, #Gyuri is…

#fromis_9 #from_Gyuri #As_Expected_on_Day_Off🎞💻📽

Note: click “Translation” to watch the clip with English subtitles.

Follow-Up Poll:

🤔flover #As_Expected_on_Day_Off !

– Comedy Movie, of course
– Horror is good too
– I want to watch romance
– Action is the best


[#Jisun] 🌬🌊


🎵 New Hope Club – Worse (Acoustic)


[💡#fromis_9] Later tonight at 9 PM! The first broadcasting of tvN <It’s Okay to Not Be Okay> #fromis_9 #Gyuri ‘s debut!
Make sure you don’t miss Gyuri’s performance and transformation into ‘Seon Byul’ 💖 #promise 🤙


200615 – I Came With Yeoreumi🐶

Yeoreumi LieV V LIVE ft. Saerom
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200616 – Are You Hungry? Come Here 🍳

Hayoung V LIVE ft. Saerom, Gyuri and Jiwon
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200616 – Are You Hungry? Come Here 🍳 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌fromis_9] Are you hungry? Come to Habbang recipe🍳
Gyuldon Ramsay showered it with praise and gave it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I also want to try Chef Bbang’s seaweed soup…
I wanted to try it, so to get in line I had to go once around the Earth🌏🤦‍♀️

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Click “Translation” to watch the clip from the V LIVE POST with English subtitles

200618 – ⭐ is here 🍊

Gyuri V LIVE ft. Jisun
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200618 – ⭐ is here 🍊 V LIVE POST

Translation: [💌fromis_9] ⭐ is here 🍊
❄ Make the heat go away 🍯TIP ❄
1. Open the V LIVE app.
2. Watch today’s “⭐ is here 🍊 ” again.
Be warned that thanks to the superb coolness from Gyuri and Jisun you might reach for your blanket 🥶
(Translator’s Note: There is a pun with “Heat going away” and the sentence used for “Superb”)

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Weibo & Douyin

English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

200627 – Gyuri – “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Ep. 3 9PM KST

200628 – Gyuri – “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Ep. 4 9PM KST

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