200426 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap



200421 – Channel_9 In The HOUSE – Come Visit fromies’ Veranda

200423 – Channel_9 REPLAY – Come Visit fromies’ Veranda Extras


200426 – ‘4minute – Crazy(CCTV Ver.)’ cover by fromis_9


200424 – Bbiyungz & Norangz Day (Edited by Jiheon)


Gyuri Instagram Story Q&A

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Winter Last Year with Nagyung 🌊

#Seoyeon #Deoyeonie #Nakko #SeeingTheSea #flover #🍀 #❤


Twitter Mention Party

Translation of First Tweet:

[#Jiwon] Everyone gather around, let’s start😎

Translation of Last Tweet:

[#Jiwon] flover, today was so much fun. I read all the mentions that you sent me and saw all the pictures. Thank you❤️ I’ll be back, I love you.

Note: A Mention Party takes place when an artist answers multiple fan questions on Twitter, similar to a live Q&A. Jiwon’s replies are under the first Tweet.


[#from_this📸] From fun to touching, fromis’ veranda talk have it all ❣ What is fromis to flover? 🥰💖

Note: Both tweets have the same caption.


[#Hayoung] Pictures that Chaeng took 🤳 By the way, did you watch Channel_9? Did you really watch it or not? awe uwu going tuwu watch iwt ow nowt? gow watch iwt now fwover 🌸

Translator’s Note: Are you going to watch it or not? Go watch it now flover.


[#Gyuri] Our flovers, what are you guys doing? Wishing everyone a happy weekend🍊❤️


[#Jisun] Have a good weekend and a good night, flover๑˃̶͈̀◡˂̶͈́๑

🎵 H.E.R. – Comfortable


[#Chaeyoung] Selca is so hard….😱😱😱

#GoingCrazy #BecauseOf #Missingflover #🍀 #🖤


200422 – I don’t know what to make the title but come on in

Saerom and Seoyeon V LIVE
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200422 – I don’t know what to make the title but come on in V LIVE POST

Translation: I heard that flovers go to see the ‘sea’ everyday?☘👀 RomsaeDeoyeon, Love You 💕
T/N: Sea is ‘Hae’ in Chinese Character, Sarang’Hae’
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