200315 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


200313 – fromiscovery Diary V LIVE Announcement

Naver Translation:

We’re looking for a new experiment in the Promise Search Journal.👐

  • I want fromis_9 members to experiment.🔬
  • I’m curious about this member.🤔

Please leave your questions in the comments and we’ll answer your questions!

Example) Member – experiment content

  • Gyuri – I’m curious about Gyuri’s nose angle that looks like she can even hike!
  • Jiwon – I wonder if you can stay still for 3 minutes without doing anything since you’re the most moving member!

fromiscovery diary🔍



FM_1.24 Special

200310 – 2019 Japan Magazine Photoshoot Behind (Part 2)

200313 – Please Take Care of My Brunch?! #1



[#Jiheon] *cheek squeeze* 😱

#Jiwon #Nagyung


[#Jisun] Today seems very cloudy ☁☁
Let’s drink some delicious latteeee 🥛☕


🎵 Kiana Ledé – I Choose You (Acoustic)


[#Gyuri] Our flover ❤
Have a delicious lunch 🙌

#Today #Gyuri’s #RecommendedMenu #SeafoodPancake


[#Jisun] It feels like a day for spring rain Light some candles and play this song at home Doesn’t it feel like a day to roll around?🥱


🎵 Jung Seung Hwan – It’s Raining


[#Seoyeon] Today’s weather is really nice flovers 🥳
Have a nice day☘️


[#Chaeyoung] Is it too late..??😱😱😱

#JissenSays #FirstPicture #IsCute


[#Hayoung] Taken during a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine~🍀

Twitter Mention Party

Translation of First Tweet:

[#Gyuri] Ask one question at a time!!

Translation of Last Tweet:

[#Gyuri] I’m so happy to be chatting with flovers after a long time. See you again, I love you ❤❤❤❤❤

Note: A Mention Party takes place when an artist answers multiple fan questions on Twitter, similar to a live Q&A. Gyuri’s replies are under the first Tweet.


[#Jisun] But I can’t exercise tomorrow😐heh I’ll do it now!




[#Jisun] Is this a dream..! I’m always listening to sunbaenim’s songs ❤ Thank you for the mention 😖

Note: EXID’s LE thanked Jisun for recommending their song. This was Jisun’s reply.


[#Saerom] Official fancafe’s photobomb🧟‍♀️❤


[#Gyuri] Our flovers ❤
Did you have fun watching “Please Take Care Of My Brunch”?
Part 2 is more fun so please look forward to it 🙌

#Today #Gyuri’s #LateNightSnackRecommendation #ChickenFeet


[#Hayoung] flovers our brunch making video is posted, go watch it right now. I laughed so hard I almost cried haha I should watch it one more time 😆

#ThePictures #Jiwon #TookThem


[#Chaeyoung] flovers watching us make brunch 🤘
Even I got censored… hehe if our flovers enjoyed it I’m satisfied with that… hehehe


[#Jiwon] Hurry up and go watch our behind the scene video! Watch it and watch it again with a laugh our flovers 🤣 And also, I love you Jisun

Saerom’s Reply:

[#Saerom] (Me)gan… Now that you’re here (on twitter), stop pretending to be pretty. It’s weird.. heh


[#Jisun] When I took the selfie I couldn’t have known the scene I was going to see afterwards🤭


[#Jisun] The sunlight is nice, the coffee is also delicious, cheers to another great weekend 🙂 Open your curtain and soak yourself in the sunlight, wear a light jacket and take a leisure stroll around, it’ll make your day better.😼


🎵 VIXX – Dynamite

Jisun’s Reply:

[#Jisun] Ah… I missed the timestamp when I captured it..☹ My mistake……😔

Note: Jisun usually posts screencaps of her song recommendations timestamped at 1:24.

Jiheon’s Reply:

[#Jiheon] Jisun I trusted you, I wore such thin clothes going to the mart and got hit by the wind..😂
Well, on sunny and windy days, staying home is the best


[#Chaeyoung] #Stop #TakingSelcas #I’ll #TakeThePicturesForYou

Saerom’s Reply:

[#Saerom] I’mm cuteee aren’tt I unnie?


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