Albums & Singles

Unlock My World

1st Full Album
Release Date: 2023.06.05

1. Attitude
2. #menow [Title]
3. Wishlist
4. In the Mirror
5. Don’t Care
6. Prom Night
7. Bring It On
8. What I Want
9. My Night Routine
10. Eye Contact

from our Memento Box

5th Mini Album
Release Date: 2022.06.27

1. Up And
2. Stay This Way [Title]
3. Blind Letter
4. Cheese
5. Rewind

Midnight Guest

4th Mini Album
Release Date: 2022.01.17

1. Escape Room
2. DM [Title]
3. Love is Around
4. Hush Hush
5. 0g

Talk & Talk

2nd Special Single Album
Release Date: 2021.09.01

1. Talk & Talk [Title]


2nd Single Album
Release Date: 2021.05.17

1. Airplane Mode
2. WE GO [Title]
3. Promise

My Little Society

3rd Mini Album
Release Date: 2020.09.16

1. Feel Good (SECRET CODE) [Title]
2. Weather
3. Starry Night
4. Somebody to Love
5. Mulgogi


1st Single Album
Release Date: 2019.06.04

1. FUN! [Title]


1st Special Single Album
Release Date: 2018.10.10

1. Love Bomb [Title]
2. Dancing Queen
3. Coloring
4. DKDK From.9 Ver. (CD Only)
5. 22Century Girl From.9 Ver. (CD Only)

To. Day

2nd Mini Album
Release Date: 2018.06.05

1. Close To You
2. Think of You
3. DKDK [Title]
4. 22Century Girl
5. Clover
6. First Love

To. Heart

1st Mini Album
Release Date: 2018.01.24

1. The Way To Me (Intro.)
2. To Heart [Title]
3. Miracle
4. Pinocchio
5. Be With You
6. Glass Shoes (MAMA Ver.)

Glass Shoes

Pre-Debut Single
Release Date: 2017.11.29

1. Glass Shoes [Title]


I Am You, You Are Me (Our Secret Diary)

Artist: Lee Seoyeon
Original Artist: ZICO
Release Date: 2024.01.10

1. I Am You, You Are Me [Title]
2. I Am You, You Are Me (Inst.)

Love Me Back (From “Operation: True Love”)

Artist: fromis_9
Release Date: 2023.10.11

1. Love Me Back [Title]
2. Love Me Back (Inst.)

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist 2 OST Pt. 1

Artist: Park Jiwon
Release Date: 2023.01.12

1. Don’t Leave Me [Title]
2. Don’t Leave Me (Inst.)

Crazy Love OST Pt. 2

Artist: fromis_9
Release Date: 2022.03.15

1. Stay Alive [Title]
2. Stay Alive (Inst.)

Racket Boys OST Pt. 5

Artist: Park Jiwon
Release Date: 2021.07.13

1. Cloud [Title]
2. Cloud (Inst.)

The Secret Life of My Secretary OST Pt. 6

Artists: Park Jiwon & Lee Nagyung
Release Date: 2019.05.21

1. 지금부터 시작해 [Title]
2. 지금부터 시작해 (Inst.)

My Only One OST Pt. 6

Artist: Song Hayoung
Release Date: 2018.10.27

1. Fall in Love [Title]
2. Fall in Love (Inst.)


Sea of Moonlight

Artist: fromis_9
Original Artists: IU, Fiestar
Release Date: 2022.07.24

1. Sea of Moonlight [Title]
2. Sea of Moonlight (Inst.)

still love me? (My Sweden Laundry #2)

Artist: Song Hayoung
Original Artist: Sweden Laundry
Release Date: 2022.03.24

1. still love me? [Title]

Cyworld BGM 2021

Artists: Song Hayoung, Park Jiwon & Lee Seoyeon
Original Artist: Youme
Release Date: 2021.09.08

1. Star [Title]
2. Star (Inst.)

Special Projects

I Guess It’s Our Last Spring

Artist: Lee Seoyeon
Release Date: 2024.03.12

1. I Guess It’s Our Last Spring [Title]
2. I Guess It’s Our Last Spring (Inst.)

World Peace Project Vol.1

Artists: Park Jiwon & Jeong Dong Won
Release Date: 2022.09.28

1. Love Actually [Title]
2. Love Actually (Inst.)


What are we (feat. Park Jiwon of fromis_9)

Artists: BAEKHO & Park Jiwon
Release Date: 2023.12.07

1. What are we [Title]

Jang Gyuri OSTs

Cheer Up OST Pt. 10

Artist: Theia (Cheer Up Cast)
Release Date: 2022.12.13

1. Together [Title]
2. Together (Inst.)