fromis_9 is a K-pop girl group under Pledis Entertainment.

The group was formed through a reality survival television program called Idol School, where 41 female contestants, referred to as students, were mentored by various teachers and competed over the course of eleven weeks for the top nine spots to debut. The group’s name, fromis_9, originates from the phrase “from Idol School,” with its close pronunciation to the English word “promise” hinting at the promise made by the girls to become the best idols for their fans.

After the release of their pre-debut single “Glass Shoes,” fromis_9 officially debuted with “To Heart” on January 24, 2018. The group’s sound has been maturing since then, with the subsequent releases, “DKDK” and “Love Bomb,” further solidifying energetic choreographies and dynamic yet emotional singing as fromis_9’s trademarks. A busier and experimental sound was brought to the group’s discography with “FUN!,” which was followed by a string of retro-inspired tracks: “Feel Good;” “WE GO;” “Talk & Talk;” “DM;” and “Stay This Way.” For their latest comeback, the dance-pop song “#menow” led the way. As expected, there’s no style fromis_9 can’t pull off.

A year after debut, on that same special 24th of January, their fandom was officially named “flover.” Since then, we, flovers, have grown together with the group, appreciating their unique chemistry and diverse range of talents.

In August of 2022, following “Stay This Way” promotions, member Jang Gyuri departed from the group to pursue new challenges, leaving fromis_9 as an eight-member team. Lee Saerom, the captain of the group, shared in a letter that after thorough and respectful conversations within their team, all members would support Gyuri’s decision to go on her chosen path. In Gyuri’s final letter as a fromis_9 member, she thanked flovers for believing in and supporting her, and hoped that everyone would continue to love and support fromis_9 in their future activities. At the end of the letter, she wrote, “I will also become a flover and support fromis_9 together. Thank you and I love you.”

Through fromis_9’s wide variety of content and vast social media presence, we got to know the peculiarities of each member, as well as experiencing their gratefulness towards fans firsthand. As flovers, Promise Publications also prepared a short profile of each member so you can get to know them a little bit better.

Lee Saerom 이새롬 🦊

Nickname: Romsae
Birthday: January 7, 1997
Position: Captain, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal
Height: 163cm
Blood type: B
Instagram: saeromssee

The captain of fromis_9. Elegant and stylish, Saerom’s chic features are just the surface of a woman of romantic nature. Her sentimental view of life and warmth towards others make her an understanding leader who’s always open to listen to her members’ struggles. Although generally calm, she can turn into a loud and playful friend in the right environment. You shouldn’t expect her to win any games though; she’s adorably terrible at them.

Song Hayoung 송하영 🍞

Nicknames: Hanyang, Habbang
Birthday: September 29, 1997
Position: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer
Height: 165cm
Blood type: A
Instagram: shy9_29

Goofy and caring in equal measures, Hayoung is driven by passion no matter if it’s serious business or not. She can just as easily be seen doing a silly dance in the middle of the living room as she can be lovingly spoon-feeding another member. She’s generally a cutie, but will soundly remind you that she’s older than you if you cross the line. Besides, behind that baby face is a complete performer, a self-taught guitar player, and a singer-songwriter.

Park Jiwon 박지원 🐰

Nicknames: Megan, Jyeoni
Birthday: March 20, 1998
Position: Main Vocal
Height: 158cm
Blood type: A
Instagram: xjiwonparkx

Akin to a complete sound system with its volume turned up to the maximum, Jiwon is fromis_9’s everlasting supply of chaotic energy. Expressive, she may unexpectedly shout declaring how hungry she is or pull funny-looking faces that she later regrets doing. On important occasions, however, her typically easygoing self gives way to a serious and reliable colleague; after all, her powerful singing is not only the result of talent but also years of hard work.

Roh Jisun 노지선 🐑

Nickname: Jissen
Birthday: November 23, 1998
Position: Center, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal
Height: 158cm
Blood type: B
Instagram: rosieline_

Be it cooking or doing ASMR, Jisun is an independent and dexterous individual who likes to spend her time productively. Either through live streams or song recommendations (#gam_sun_list), she’s the type to reach out to fans often, filling them in on her daily life and leaving flovers positive messages. Calm and feminine, she speaks softly and eloquently. It’s not until you anger her that she raises her tone and unleashes her wrath; believe us, you wouldn’t want an infuriated Jisun with her eyes laid upon you.

Lee Seoyeon 이서연 🐼

Nicknames: Deoyeoni, Syeon, Park Laura
Birthday: January 22, 2000
Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocal
Height: 157cm
Blood type: A
Instagram: im_theyeon

Apathetic and often living in her own world, the person Seoyeon exchanges the most words with might be herself. When she wants attention, however, she’s the clingy type to follow people around the house looking for cuddles, captivating them with her peculiar yet precious laugh in the process. Possessor of infinite talents, Seoyeon is a phenomenal rapper, a skilled singer, a proficient dancer, and also a producer with her own studio. If there is something this small girl can’t do, we have yet to discover it.

Lee Chaeyoung 이채영 🐿️

Nicknames: Chaeng, Kkwaeng
Birthday: May 14, 2000
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocal
Height: 168cm
Blood type: B
Instagram: chaengrang_

Funny and charismatic, Chaeyoung is fromis_9’s main mood maker and variety queen. Through subtle observation, witty remarks, and unrivaled storytelling skills, she easily becomes the center of attention and leaves anyone laughing their heads off. A master of impersonations, she teases her members by exaggerating their own characteristics, but knows them well enough not to hurt their feelings; after all, behind her tall and glamorous figure hides a sweet and caring softie.

Lee Nagyung 이나경 🐣

Nickname: Nakko
Birthday: June 1, 2000
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal
Height: 159cm
Blood type: A
Instagram: blossomlng_0

Naturally cute and inheritor of doll-like proportions, Nagyung is the group’s official visual and the second member of fromis_9’s actress line. Dedicated and versatile, she can rock any hair color or style; play two roles in the same drama; and whether by singing or rapping, melt your heart with her sweet voice. The group’s go-to Chinese speaker is also a gamer. When competing in any way, her adorable small face will turn fierce, but don’t fear, towards flovers (and her fish) her aegyo is all she lets out.

Baek Jiheon 백지헌 🍯

Nicknames: Makding, Kkulging
Birthday: April 17, 2003
Position: Maknae, Sub Vocal
Height: 166cm
Blood type: B
Instagram: jiheonnibaek

At least three years younger than any other member, Jiheon is the definition of a Maknae on Top. Rational, and at times, even more mature than her unnies, she’s straight-forward and has firm opinions. Yet, she’s still the youngest, who is effortlessly cute and bearer of a smile capable of lighting up an entire room. A homebody, she’s a smart student who does homework on her bed, but gets chatty and excitedly shares her experiences when venturing out of her room. You better pay attention, though; otherwise, she’ll get sulky.

Former Member

Jang Gyuri 장규리 🍊

Nicknames: Gyul, Gaejookie
Birthday: December 27, 1997
Former Group Position: Lead Vocal
Height: 167cm
Blood type: B
Instagram: gyurious_j
Management: Just Entertainment

Delicate and courteous, Gyuri can wear adjectives of royal quality. Her regal appearance, however, hides one of the most laid-back members of the group. Often found on the couch in comfy clothes, fromis_9’s fake princess can be strict and play hard to get, but that doesn’t stop her from getting teased all the time. If her characteristic eye smile doesn’t steal your heart, wait until you discover she’s also a talented actress and owner of a mellifluous singing voice.