Where can I find all performances? How do I vote on music shows? Where can I buy the albums?

If looking for all this information is giving you a headache, we have your solution! From streaming links to voting guides, everything that you need to know about My Little Society promotions will be compiled and updated here.

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Streaming links



Apple Music

archives – performances, videos, photos AND RECAPS


A fan-run forum on Reddit, r/fromis has a page dedicated to archiving all performances, official videos, and photos from this era. Even fan creations can be found there!


If there’s a video with fromis in it, you can bet fromispedia has a link to it. For videos of any era, everything is perfectly categorized and with labels for English subtitles.

from_usSUBS Linktree

A compilation of from_usSUBS’s subbed video releases during My Little Society Era! Organized by date and updated weekly, flovers can enjoy subbed content by our trustworthy subbing team.

fromis_9 Image Archive

The name says it all. With over 1000 albums, fromis_9 Image Archive has the bonus of compiling unofficial as well as official images. Throughout this era, fansite pictures will be found there organized by member and date.

Weekly Recaps

MLS Promotions Week 1
MLS Promotions Week 2
MLS Promotions Week 3
MLS Promotions Week 4
MLS Promotions Week 5

Album purchasing links

Popular Stores and Limited Offers

An affordable option to buy your albums.

YesAsia (North America) (Global)
Free shipping on bulk purchases to multiple countries.

Another trustworthy source that sells it all.

Ktown4u 40% Off
A special discount thanks to @fromisnumbers.

My Little Society Japanese Album Version

Universal Music Japan will release a Japanese version of fromis_9’s 3rd Mini Album “My Little Society.” Sales period is from September 30, 2020 until October 27, 2020. More details can be found on their website (the site can be translated to English in Google Chrome). They come with a new set of freebies which are listed below.

Buy 1 version:
My Account ver. | My Society ver. + 1/10 limited cards

Buy 2 versions:
Package A – 2/10 limited cards + 1/8 signed raw photo
Package B – 2/10 limited cards + 1/8 signed polaroid (160 slots)
Package C – 10/10 limited cards + 1/8 Member voice message w/ your name (8 winners)
Package D – 10/10 limited cards + Group video message w/ your name (1 winner)

CD Versions Packaging Details

Air-Kit Version Packaging Details

voting guides – by fromisnumbers

The Show (StarPlay App)

Music Core (Mubeat App)

M Countdown (Whosfan App)

Show Champion (IDOLCHAMP App)