Norangz Acoustic Live Show

In yellow sweaters and an acoustic guitar in hand, Hayoung and Jiwon (aka Norangz) performed acoustic renditions of their favorite songs and song requests from the fans.

Rewatch Norangz V LIVEs

Direct link to 노랑즈의 감성타임🎼

Direct link to 다시 돌아온! 노랑즈의 감성타임🎼

Direct link to 나랑 너랑 🌙

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  1. HoneyedOasis

    Does the embedded vlives not work right now or is it just me?

    • Clicking play twice should play the embed. We added direct links of the V LIVEs under the embeds in case you still can’t play them.

      Thanks for your comment! We’ll apply this format change in our previous and upcoming posts 🙂

      • HoneyedOasis

        Ah I fixed it, had to allow cookies from vlive.

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