Promise Publications is a global fan project established by flovers (fromis_9’s official fanbase). Our team was formed through the creation of Promise Magazine. After the magazine’s successful release, we launched our website, a platform where we share fromis_9 fan-made content created by us and other fans. Promise Publications also runs and maintains fromispedia.

Meet the Team

flovers motivate us. fromis_9 inspires us.

Our team consists of flovers from around the world. Our love for fromis_9 brought us together and we all share the same passion to give back to the community by creating informative and entertaining content for flovers.


Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Mitch became a Saerom fan during Idol School and eventually came to love all 9 girls when fromis_9 debuted. She created Promise Publications to promote fromis_9 and have an informative platform for flovers. She also created r/saerom, moderates r/fromis, and helps run fromispedia.

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From the Philippines


Lead Designer, Editor

Adam stumbled upon the To Heart MV in his YouTube feed and has become a fan ever since. Around DKDK’s release, he started to bond with other members of the “fromily” on r/fromis and r/fromemes. With his ever-growing passion for the nine girls, Adam is glad to be able to give back to fromis_9 & flovers through becoming a member of Promise Publications. Adam has also become a member of fromisubs, the fromis_9 Image Archive and fromispedia.

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From Belgium



Bruno fell in love with fromis_9 after “Love Bomb” was released and has been earnestly supporting the group since then. By joining Promise Publications, he fulfilled his old desire of giving back to the fans who always worked so hard in creating quality content for everyone to enjoy. He also leads fromispedia.

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From Brazil



Brad followed Idol School closely when it aired in 2017 and was instantly a fan of the group as it came into existence. He created r/fromis in October of 2017, shortly after the group announced their name. He also founded the fromis_9 Image Archive. Brad lives for fromis_9 content and loves meeting and talking with other flovers. He claims to love all 9 members equally.

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From United States of America



JJ was first introduced to fromis_9 after his friend was hyping up their ‘DKDK’ teasers leading up to the song’s release, and decided to become a fan after watching Jiheon’s teaser. After posting a couple memes to r/fromemes, he decided to apply to write articles for an upcoming fromis_9 magazine and became a member of Promise Publications. A pretty good decision in his eyes.

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From Australia



Fairly new to K-Pop back then, Ivan made a wonderful mistake in watching a Love Bomb performance and has become a flover ever since. He was amazed by the magazine made by the team when he stumbled upon Promise Publications, and was thinking on applying back then. However, he was reluctant to do so, and only until this year, 2021, he decided to apply and become the newest writer of the team.

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From the Philippines



After the airing of Idol School and seeing how cute and funny they were in fromis’ room, Gregory decided to give all of his time to these adorable 9 girls. fromis_9 became his biggest inspiration to do better in everything: from learning Korean to understand their lives better, to perfecting his drawing skills to create better fan art. He joined Promise Publications to share and improve his design skills. Greg is also a translator for fromisubs.

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From Indonesia



Max discovered fromis_9 after ‘DKDK’ was released and quickly became a fan of the group. He made many flover friends on r/fromis and enjoys posting fromis_9 memes on r/fromemes. Becoming a member of Promise Publications has granted him a creative outlet to further express his appreciation for fromis_9 and flover. Max is excited for you to see Promise Publications’ future work.

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From United States of America


Website Contributor

After randomly encountering “Love Bomb” last 2019, Monk listened to fromis_9’s entire discography and decided to fully stan the group. With his growing passion for the girls, he joined fromisubs as a timer, and Promise Publications as a website contributor. fromis_9 numero uno!

From Indonesia

Former Members